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a product factor is an answer to an equation and the actual equation itself.

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Q: What is product factor?
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What is factor and what is a product?

A factor multiplies with another factor to create a product.

When a factor is multiplied by a factor the answer is a?

A product.

What is a factor times a factor?

A product.

Is 435 a factor or a product?


Is 21 a factor or a product?


How does a factor contribute to the making of a product?

It multiples with another factor and creates a product.

What does a factor times a factor equal?

A product

Is factor or product the answer to a multiplication problem?


What is a factor and a product in algebra?

A factor is a number that you multiply by another number to get a product, which is the answer to a multiplication problem.

What is the differences between a product and a factor?

A product is what you answer is if you're MULTIPLYING, and a factor is either dividing or adding.

What is a product resulting from multiplying one factor by one digit of the other factor?

A partial product.

What is always the product when 1 is a factor?

The other factor.

What is the answer to mult What is the answer to Multiply?

factor times factor is product

What is factor times factor?

Factors are divisors. A factor times a factor will equal a product.

Is a multiplication answer a factor?

The answer is the product.

What is the product of th e prime factor 344?

What is the product of th e prime factor 344

What does a number times a number equal to?

A number times a number is a factor times a factor and it makes a product. Number x number = factor x factor = product

A number that is multiplied by another number to get a product?

This is called a factor. Factors, by definition, are numbers you can multiply together to get another number, or a product.

Is 2 a factor or a product of 12?

2 is a factor of 12.

What do you call numbers that are in multiplication problem?

factor * factor = product

What is the product of greatest common factor?

To have a product, you need two numbers. The greatest common factor is one number.

Subtract the sum of 5 from its product?

product - 5 factor x factor = product (factor x factor) - 5 you need to state what the product were. If, for example, the factors were 2 and 3, then your answer would turn out like this: your product will be: 2x3= 6 and then substract 5 6 - 5 = 1 like this: 2x3 - 5 = 1

What are the factor numbers with the product of -51 and the factor of -14?

The factor numbers are 3 and -17.

What is the product of prime factor?


Factor are multipiled to create a?