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to minimize storage requirement,dimension attribute r usually short identifiers that r foreign keys in2 other table called dimension table.


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Q: What is purpose of dimensions?
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What purpose do annotations serve in an assembly drawing?

you spelled dimensions wrong

What are the dimensions of a play pen for infants?

There are no set dimensions for a playpen and they come in different shapes and sizes. More important is safety, so do ensure that the playpen one wishes to purchase is of solid construction and suitable for its purpose.

What is mercury's dimensions?

what are mercury's dimensions? what are mercury's dimensions?

What is the primary purpose of an elevation drawing?

To show the finished appearance of a give side of the building and furnish vertical height dimensions. (:

What are the dimensions of a hardcover book?

there r no such fixed dimensions . it does come in all dimensions

What is the purpose of an auxillary view?

Fore example in engineering auxillary view show the dimensions of an object. The drawing allow to read the proportions and exact measures of it.

How do you distinguish between derived dimensions and regular dimensions on the screen?

What you are looking for are driven dimensions. Derived dimensions must be a typo. Driven dimensions are enclosed in parentheses to distinguish them from regular dimensions in inventor. These dimensions do not contrain a sketch they simply reflect dimensioned geometry which is most likely under some geometric constraint.

How many dimensions are in the White House?

3 dimensions. 2 dimensions means flat. the white house has length, width, and height. 3 dimensions, no?

Is a ray in math 2 dimensions?

A ray can be in 2 dimensions, in 3 dimensions, or in fact in any number of dimensions.

You want examples for dimensions?

the plane, or xy plane, has two dimensions space has 3 dimensions

What is a three-dimentional shape?

On paper = 2 dimensions Physical = 3 dimensions Examples: a square is 2 dimensions and a cube is 3 dimensions a circle is 2 dimensions and a ball is 3 dimensions

What are the dimensions of a triangle?

there are four dimensions of a triangle

How many dimensions do a segment have?

one dimensions

How many dimensions does a plane have?

it has 2 Dimensions

What are the dimesions of a scaling ladder?

A scaling ladder's dimensions are3,500 x 1,000 x 2,460mm. Its purpose is to promote natural movements of the shoulder in injured individuals.

What is dimensions of a square?

The dimensions are: The dimensions of the square are LW Length x width (srry about the last one)

Geometric objects occupy two dimensions?

No. Idealised objects have 0 or 1 dimensions. Day to day objects have 2 or 3 dimensions. More exotic objects have 4 or more integer dimensions and fractals have fractional dimensions.

What is Anthropometrics static dimensions?

Static Dimensions are dimensions taken when the body is in a fixed (static) position. They consist of skeletal dimensions (between the centers of joints, such as between the elbow and the wrist) or of counter dimensions (skin surface dimensions such as head circumference. Many different body features can be, and have been, measured.

What are the typical dimensions of a house?

typical house dimensions

What are the dimensions of a wine cork?

depends on the dimensions of the bottle...

What are the dimensions of 289?

289 is a pure number; it has no dimensions.

What are the dimensions of a plane?

The dimensions of a plane are length and width.

What the universe had four dimensions?

it has 4 four dimensions

What are the dimensions for an NHL goal?

The dimensions are a 4ft.x6in. opening.

What are the dimensions of financial planning?

dimensions of financial planning