What is pyramid shape called?

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a pyramid

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Q: What is pyramid shape called?
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Related questions

How many spheres are in a pyramid?

A Pyramid is a shape called a pyramid, there are no spheres in a triangulare shape.

What shape us a pyramid?

it not a shape, its a geometrical solid and it is called a pyramid.

Why are pyramids a pyramid shape?

They're not always. But anytime something is not a pyramid shape, it's not called a pyramid,it's called something else. So everything that's left ... all the things that are a pyramid shape called a pyramid.

What is the shape of Giza Pyramid called?

The names gives it away, it is pyramid shaped (or pyramidal in shape).

What is an example of a rectangular pyramid which is not a pyramid?

If it is rectangular pyramid then it must be pyramidal in shape: otherwise it would not be called that!

What is a 4 triangled faced shape called?

A pyramid.

Why are the faces of a pyramid always triangular?

Cause it is Otherwise the shape would not be called a pyramid!

What is the shape of Egyptian pyramid?

The shape of a pyramid is the shape of a square based pyramid.

Is a pyramid a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

a pyramid is a 3D shape :)

What is a flattened pyramid called?

It is the net of its solid shape. If the top of the pyramid is cut off parallel to the base, then it is a truncated pyramid, or a frustum.

How do a triangular prism and a triangular pyramid get their name?

A triangular prism is so called because the shape of the ends is a triangle. A triangular pyramid is so called because the shape of the base is a triangle.

What is the 3-D shape called that has 5 corners?


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