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2 or 3 digits.

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Q: What is quotient for three-digits divided by one digit?
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the quotient of 235 divided by 5 has what digit in the one's place?

it is 7!!

What can you say about the dividend and divisor A three digit number is divided by a one digit number the quotient is a two digit number?

A dividend is is a number to be divided and a divisor is a number to be divided into a dividend. Here the dividend is a three digit number and is divided by a one digit divisor. The quotient or result is a two digit number as stated. So in math terms, we can state that the dividend is a three digit number and that the divisor is a one digit number.

Why dividing a three digit number by one digit number the first digit of the quotient is in the tens place?

It does not have to be. 864/2 = 432. The first digit of the quotient is not in the tens place.

What is meaning of Quotient?

The quotient is the answer in a division problem.

When a lesser integer is divided by a greater integer what will the quotient be?

The quotient will be less than one.

What is the least number of digits there can be in the quotient when you divide a five number digit number by a one digit number?


In which place would you write the first digit of the quotient for 2.682 divided by 4?


What is the result obtained when one number is divided by another?

the quotient

How do you decide if a two-digit number is a multiple of a one digit number?

Divide the 2-digit number by the 1-digit number. If the quotient comes out a whole number, then the big one is a multiple of the small one.

What is the quotient when a number is divided by 1?

When a number is divided by one then it is the number that is being divided by 1

What is the quotient of 16.5 divided by 10?


How many zeros does the quotient 50000 divided by 10 by the power of 3?

Just the one because the quotient is 50

How many decimal places will be in the quotient of 15.99 divided by 4.1?

One decimal place. 3.9 is the quotient.

What is the one digit divisor 9 divided by 909?


What is the quotient of twenty and one half divided by one and one-fifth?

twenty and two and a half

What do you call the number that is left over after one is divided into another number?

The Quotient

What is the quotient of 7385 divided by 25?


Is one eighth 0.125?

Yes, 0.125 is one eighth. When one is divided by eight, 0.125 is the quotient.

A three digit number and a one digit number that can both be divided and get the product of 64?


Why does 72000 divided by 9 have the same quotient as 40000 divided by 5?

72000 shares a factor with 40000. This factor is 8000. By having one factor be the same, both of these equations, when divided by the factors NOT shared, will have the same quotient.

When the sum of one fourth and one half is divided by the product of one fourth and one half what is the quotient?


Describe how to estimate the quotient of 4963 divided by 39?


What is the quotient of six divided by one hundred?

6 ./. 100 = 0.06 or 6/100

What is the quotient of 3 and one fourth divided by 6 and half?


What is the estimated quotient of 28.3 divided by 9?