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the answer is 20

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Q: What is radius of a 40 diameter hole?
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If the radius of a circle is 20 what is the diameter?

The radius is 1/2 of the diameter, so if the radius is 20 units then the diameter is 40 units. You multiply the radius by 2 to get the diameter.

If you need a whole with a one half radius what diameter hole will you drill?

Diameter = 1 BECAUSE diameter = 2 x radius

What is the diameter of a circle with a radius of 20 feet?

Diameter = 2 * radius So in this case, 40 feet.

How big is the hole in gymkhana keyhole?

the hole has a 20 foot diameter and a 10 foot radius

Diameter of circle in inches if the radius is 20 feet.?


What is the radius of a hole that has a diameter of 3.187?

1.593 and a half. hope that answers your question!

What is the circumference of 40 inches?

Well this depends on If the radius is 40 inches or If 40 inches is the entire diameter. Circumference is determined using the formula Pi x Radius² Assuming 40 is only a radius it would be 3.14 x 40² or 3.14 x 1600 = 5024 inches If 40 inches is the entire diameter then its simply Pi x Diameter since the entire diameter is the radius squared. 3.14 x 40 = 125.6 inches.

What is the area of a circle with a radius of 20cm and a diameter of 50cm?

This cannot be properly answered because a 20 cm radius equates to a 40 cm diameter. Also, a 50 cm diameter means a 25 cm radius.

If the diameter of a circle is 40 millimeters what is the length of the radius?

20 millimeters

What is the diameter of a circle whose radius is 20 ft?

40 ft

How can you find the diameter of a circle with a radius of 20ft?

Double the value of the radius which in this case is 2*20 = 40 feet

Calculating radius and diameter?

Radius = Diameter/2 Diameter = 2* Radius