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A change in the work environment or in normal work processes that enables an individual with a disability to have equal employment opportunities

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Q: What is reasonable accommodations?
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Can you perform the essential functions of the job without reasonable accommodations?

can you perform all of the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations.

What does reasonable accommodations mean?

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Would not be considered an example of appropriate reasonable accommodations?

Lowering performance expectations

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act affect employment?

Employment. Businesses must provide reasonable accommodations in all aspects of employment to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities.

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Are there any reasonable adjustments which you feel should be made to the job itself which would enable you to carry out the job?

This question is posed to those job applicants who may require special accommodations to perform a particular job function. Thanks to laws passed in the U.S., discrimination against those who suffer physical or mental disabilities is illegal and as long as reasonable accommodations can be made to allow the applicant to perform his or her job duties, the person must be considered for employment.

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