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In order to answer this question you need to set up an equation: let p= pool table length 30=3/2p *you can multiply by 2/3 or divide 3/2 (same thing) p=20 ft

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Q: What is regulation size pool table?
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Bumper pool table size?

There is no regulation bumper pool table size.

What is a professional pool table size?

There are 3 regulation pool table sizes. 9 foot, whihc used to be the only regulation size, and now 8 foot and oversize 8 foot are also regulation size.

What are the sizes for a pool table?

A pool table may be 7 foot (common bar table size), 8 foot (regulation), oversize 8 foot (regulation), 9 foot (regulation), and 10 foot (older tables generally).

What is the size of a regulation pool table?

Under BCA Rules, regulation pool tables sizes are 9 foot, 8 foot or the oversize 8 foot.

What is the standard size of a pool table?

Under BCA and APA Rules, the regulation pool table sizes are 9 foot, 8 foot, and oversize 8 foot. Until fairly recently, a regulation size pool table was the 9 foot table which has a 100 inch by 50 inch playing surface. The 8 foot table was added to regulation size as well, and has a playing surface of 88 inches by 44 inches.

Weight of a regulation pool table?

The total table weight will be anywhere from 800 to 1200 pounds for a well built regulation pool table.

What are the dimensions of a regulation bumper pool table?

Although there is a National Bumper Pool Association in the US, they have not yet established a set of regulations for equipment and use the Billiard Congress of America rules. The BCA has no rule for bumper pool table regulation size.

Are the measurements of a pool table the cloth size or the whole table?

Neither, the playable area is the size given when stating pool table size.

What is the regulation size of a beer pong table?

Table top regulation is 8'x2' at a height of 27.5"

How long in regulation size ping pong table?

an ITTF regulation table is 9 feet long.

Should a pool table be slate?

Yes. To be a regulation table it must be slate. To be sure you have a consistent playing surface that is similar to that of a regulation table, it must be slate. A pool table can have a different surface but it should not be expected to be idenitical in play as a slate table.

What is a Jr. size pool table?

The smallest pool tables made that generally conform to regulation pool tables is the 6 foot table. This is often referred to as a junior size. Smaller sizes are generally toys, and larger sizes are in regular use, from 7 foot to 10 foot.

What is the standard size of a table tennis table?

5 ft - 9ft is the size of an ITTF regulation table tennis table.

What is the regulation size of a ping pong ball?

The current regulation size of a table tennis ball is 40mm.

How do you work out what size pool balls do you need?

You can work out what size pool balls you need as it is a third of the circumference of the pocket on your pool table the table

How long is a regulation swimming pool?

What do you mean by regulation? An Olympic size pool is 50 meters. Many common pools are 25 yards.

What size is the semi circle on a pool table?

A pool table does not have a semi-circle. Only the snooker table has a semi-circle.

What size snooker balls for a 10ftx5ft table?

Snooker balls do not change size based on table size. Just purchase regulation balls.

What is the Official size of table tennis ball?

The official size of a regulation table tennis ball is 40mm 3 stars

Who long is a full sized table tennis table?

A regulation size table tennis table is 9ft X 5ft.

What is the standard height for a pool table?

In the US a regulation pool table is required to have a surface that is 29 1/2 inches to 30 1/2 inches above the floor.

What size pool tables do they use in tournaments?

In the US, there are 3 regulation pool table sizes that can be used in tournaments. These are 8 foot, oversize 8 foot, and 9 foot. The most common and most popular size is the 9 foot. The 9 foot table has a 100 inch by 50 inch playing surface.

What are the dimensions of a college-sized pool?

Usually regulation Olympic size. approx. 50feet

What size pool balls do you need?

In the US, you need 2 1/4 inch balls. This is the only size sold for pool in the US for regulation play.

How do you make a miniature pool table?

A miniature pool table would be considered a toy, not a pool table. Depending upon the size, it could be made of plastic or wood. To choose a size, determine what size you can purchase the balls needed for the table. A lathe will be needed to make the pool cues. The rest of the table can easily be constructed of wood or plastic, and covered in cheap fabric store felt. There are plans available online for pool table construction. These can be used and scaled down to match the size of the pool balls that have been selected. The scale will be determined by using the same ratio for ball size to rail height and pocket openings as is used on the full size table.