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It is pi, a letter in the Greek alphabet, and pronounced like pie. This infinite value, usually expressed as 3.14 or sometimes more accurately as 3.1416 is the ratio of the diameter (distance across) a circle, and the circumference (distance around) a circle. The diameter times pi equals the circumference, and the circumference divided by pi gives the diameter. Also, the radius (half the diameter) times itself and then multiplied by pi gives the area inside a circle. The value of pi is the same regardless of the size of a circle.

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Q: What is relation between pie and circle?
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Relation of pie With circle?

The value of pi for any circle is the circle's circumference divided by its diameter.

What is the relation between arc and circle?

An arc is a part of the circumference of a circle.

What is the relation between circle and pi?

The circumference of a circle divided by its diameter is equal to the value of pi.

What is the Relation between radius and diameter'?

The diameter of a circle is twice its radius.

Why is pi used in every circle formula?

By definition Pi is the relation between the radius and circumference of a circle.

What is a pie-slice part of a circle?

It is a sector of the circle

What is the relationship between the area and the radius?

In relation to the area of a circle: pi*radius^2

Is a circle graph and a pie chart the same thing?

Yes, a circle graph and a pie chart are the same thing

What are the diameters of a circle?

pie r2

What is a pictorial circle?

A pie chart?

What is pie algebra?

Pie is a symbol that represents a number (3.14159...). Pie algebra is when the number Pie is used in algebra like the ccircumference of a circle. A circumference of a circle is worked out by Pie algebra: DxPie (diameter x Pie). Its a bit complicated to explain but...

What is the area of the circle in terms of pie with a diameter of 36?

The area of a circle, in terms of pie, with a diameter of 36 is: about 324pi

What does circle graph mean?

It's a Pie graph or Pie Chart are two other common names for a circle graph.

What is the relation between area of a sector and length of an arc of a circle?

There is no direct relation between the area of a sector and the length of an arc. You must know the radius (or diameter) or the angle of the sector at the centre.

What is the other name of pie graph?

Circle Chart or Circle Graph

If the area of a circle is 16 pie what is the length of the radius of the circle?


What is PIE multiply Radius of an circle?

Will give the circumference of half of the circle.

What type of graph is a graph that is a circle?

A Pie Chart or Circle Graph

What is the pie sign use for?

The sign pie is used for finding the area in a circle.

How do you find the diamter of a circle if you know the area?

In order to find the diameter of a circle if you have the area is to rearrange the formula for the area of a circle to put diameter as the unknown, like so: PIE*d = Area of a Circle d = (Area of a Circle) / PIE Therefore if the area of your circle is 40cm, 40/PIE = 12.73cm and that's the diameter.

Are circle graphs different than pie charts?

yes because pie charts are out of 360 degrees and circle graphs are out of 100%

How to draw a pie?

An easy way to draw a pie is by first drawing a circle. Next, use lines to divide the circle into slices.

What is another name for a circle graph?

Circle graphs are also called pie graphs or pie charts because of the obvious round shape. Circle graphs show percentages by the percent-matching division in the circle. The division of this chart is similar to the cutting of a pie, again, going back to the factor of a pie chart/graph.

What is a circle graph with divisions?

a pie chart

What is a pie-shaped section of a circle?