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Rounded to the nearest tens it is 1270

Rounded to the nearest hundred it is 1300

Rounded to the nearest thousand it is 1000

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Q: What is rounding numbers of 1267?
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What is the purpose of rounding numbers?

the purpose of rounding numbers is that you can get closer to the actual answer

How are you rounding whole numbers and decimals?

rounding whole numbers and decimals

What is the answer 1274 rounding numbers?

It depends on the degree of rounding.

What is front rounding of numbers?

The name comes from the way you round. Front end rounding is keeping the first number and rounding all the numbers after that.

How is rounding whole numbers and decimals similar?

Is the rounding is skidding

What is the difference between a compatible number and rounding numbers?

rounding numbers is to nearest ten or hundred and compatible numbers are when you can do nearest 5

What is estimating NOT as helpful when multiplying very small numbers?

It is - if you use appropriate rounding. Rounding does not have to be to whole numbers.

What are the steps in rounding off numbers?

steps rounding off number

What are the factors of 1267?

The positive integer factors of 1267 are: 1, 7, 181, 1267

Rules in rounding fraction numbers?

Add your whole numbers

Who invented rounding to whole numbers?

Bob Sinclar invented rounding. :) Hope this was helpful. :]

What is the sum of 1267 7340?

It is: 1267+7340 = 8607

What is 1267 plus 196635?

1267 + 196635 = 197,902

Where can I find rounding numbers worksheets?

You can find plenty of math rounding worksheets online. Math rounding worksheets are best for practicing rounding numbers. here you will find plenty of math rounding worksheets to practice with and they are free so there is no need to buy a book. here is the link:

Why is rounding num bers easy?

Rounding numbers is easy because their are two rules to rounding numbers. 1) a </= 4 then a = 0 2) a >/= 5 then a = 10

What is 1267 divided by 7?


What is better rounding off to nearest ten or rounding off to nearest hundred?

In whole numbers, rounding to the nearest ten is better. And in decimals, rounding to the nearest hundreth is more accurate.

What are advantages or benefits of rounding numbers?


How many kilograms are there in 1267 grams?

There are 1000 grams in one kilogram. Therefore, 1267 grams is equal to 1267/1000 = 1.267 kilograms.

What is the difference between compatible numbers and rounding?

Rounding is going to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands etc., depending on the problem. Compatible numbers are numbers the work well with each other. Both of these are estimating.

Rounding numbers can make your task easier?

Yes, it can.

How should numbers in questions and answers be rounded on WikiAnswers?

There are no set rules about rounding numbers, so when rounding numbers, mathematical rules about rounding can be used. For example, 14 would be rounded to 10, but 15 would be rounded to 20. For another example, 1144 is rounded to 1140 and 1145 is rounded to 1150.

How does making small groups help estimate big numbers?

by rounding off the numbers

What is the prime factorization of 1267?

As a product of its prime factors: 7 times 181 = 1267

Why is rounding off numbers important?

Rounding off is a important part of mathematics and a very handy tool for everyday life.

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