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What is secondary math?

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Secondary school mathematics consists of mathematics typically taught in middle schools (a.k.a., junior high schools) and high schools (or secondary schools) โ€” that is, roughly ages 11โ€“17. It is preceded by primary school mathematics and followed by university level mathematics.

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What are the courses that have math?

In highschool or post-secondary?

What subjects do France teach in secondary school?

People in secondary school are taught music and art and math and L.A.

In math what does secondary data mean?

Secondary data means the information was gathered somewhere else.ex. Newspaper,news..ect

Math book by Dav for class 8?

Secondary Mathematics Class- VIII

Do you have to take a math class to major in Secondary Education not dealing with math in college?

Typically a math is required. However, the math required within an education program is usually a lower level math such as math concepts, and typically not more than a college algebra depending on the college or university.

Who removed that the growth of math science?

In Victoria and Western Australia, math or science was removed in the curriculum because it is not one of the not a requirement at senior secondary level. In india?

What does megsss stand for?

Math Education for Gifted Secondary School Students, it was an alternative math class for Middle and High School students. The curriculum bypassed algebra and geometry teaching a more theoretical and structure of math and numbers.

What is primary data in the maths term?

primary and secondary data in math termsprimary data meansinformation collected by your selfsecondary data in math termsdata collected not from your self but anInternet or a book.some thing you didn't collect your selfits not a raw piece of evidence

What do you have to major in to become a math teacher?

Elementary/secondary education or general mathematics. Maybe there is such a thing as mathematical education...?

You have just completed math 11 with a percentage of 97 Instead of just going to Math 12 can you take AP calculus in Byrne Creek Secondary School?

Depends on what school system you are in.

What is IGCSE math?

It is an International General Certificate of Secondary education in the term of math subject. there is three main streams for maths: Additional Math, Regular Math and Mathematics (calculator). If you are interested in taking the examinations, you can apply for it in the nearest schools which are already in the list of CIE schools. For more information, visit:

What are the multiples of 12 from 1 to 1000?

i'm in secondary math I just wanted to know the question for peet sake no I don't have an answer! :(

Should you go for a Mathematics Degree or Secondary Education in Math if your interest is in math?

Do not major in secondary education unless you feel that your calling is to become a high school math teacher. For any other field, get a degree in mathematics or some related area that suits your interests or future job possibilities (engineering, mathematical finance, physics, applied math, etc.). The math requirements for a math major are usually higher than those for an education major. Of course, you can take more than the required minimum number of courses, but potential employers will assume that you took just the minimum required for an education major. If you want to go into some field other than teaching that requires a math major, the secondary education major will be a handicap. And if you have no interest in becoming a high school teacher, you can use the time you would have spent taking education theory courses and practicums to study a field where you could apply math, like finance or physics. Just to clarify: There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a math teacher. That is a very noble profession. But if that is not the profession you have chosen, you shouldn't major in secondary education.

What majors are good for people who are good at and enjoy math besides accounting?

A number of post-secondary options are available to someone with a preference for math. Engineering, finance, economics, and computer science are some options.

What subject are people good in when they are not good at math?

Communications Social Science Art History Liberal Arts Anthropology Sociology Philosophy English Literature Humanities Psychology Music Linguistics(this has more career opportunities for people who hate math) Education(Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Post-Secondary Education) Law

Is post-secondary education needed for a doctor?

u need to be very good at science and math the most if not work hard to do it

Who won the Commonwealth Bank Math Challenge?

Parker C in the primary age category and Tatian D in the secondary age category.

What majors would you need to be a math teacher?

To teach at the secondary level or higher you really need a math major although you can be certified in most states with a minor in math and can likely get a job since math teachers are relatively scarce. You need to take the education courses needed for certification if you want to teach in a public school. You can teach math at the elementary level after one or two courses in math for elementary education. At any level, you will find it advantageous to take as many math courses as you can.

What type of math is required to be a police officer?

(in the US) graduation from high school is sufficient to qualify for employment as a police officer. Therefore -the answer would be that whatever math is taught in secondary school is sufficient to become a police officer.

How do you check turns ratio?

I'm guessing that you are talking about a simple transformer... So .... aply a AC vlotage on the primary side and measure the voltage on the secondary side and do the math. ( primary / secondary voltage = truns ratio to one) That's the simple answer

What courses are needed to become a pathologist?

English, Math and Science...... You need a four years undergraduate premedical .. Post secondary education, bachelors degree.

Is AB calculus AP a post-secondary course?

AP Calculus AB is a post-secondary course that is also offered in many high schools. Students that score high on the AP exam may not have to take certain college math courses.

Is Canterbury cathedral primary of secondary source?


What level of college math do you need to complete to become a sixth grade math teacher?

That depends on the state you live in. In some states, sixth grade can be taught with either an Elementary Education degree (usually good for K-8th grade) or by a Secondary Education degree (6th grade-12th grade). Elementary Education majors need to take the same basic math classes all other college students take plus a "math for Elementary School teachers" type class. In most states, to get Secondary Education certification you need to get a major in a subject matter, then take extra classes to learn to teach. So you'd need to get a BS in Math, which involves LOTS of math classes starting with Calculus and going up from there, including theory classes.

Do you capitalize post-secondary?

post secondary