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three times a number decreased by eleven

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Q: What is seven divided by twice a number?
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What is 25 divided by 9 as a number with a remainder?


What is 23 divided 8?

Twice with a remainder of seven or 2.875

How Thrice a number divided by 4 is equal to twice a number?

Simple! The number is 0.

A number divided by six is seven?


Twenty-seven increased by twice a number is 39 what is the number?


Seven less than twice a number is negative one hundred forty-seven?


What is the answer in Twice a number less than three in algebraic?

Thrice A number divided by five is three

What is seven more than twice a number?


Seven more than twice a number is 17?


What is three more than twice a number is seven?


What is seven times the sum of twice a number and sixteen?


How do you write 8 more than twice a number divided by 11?


When a certain number is divided by 7 the remainder is 2 what is the remainder when twice that number is divided by 7?

If I'm reading the question correctly I belive your starting number is 14 which is then divided by 7 to make to. You then mentioned twice the remainder which is 4 then you say whats the remainder when that number (4) is divided by 7. This suggests your looking for the answer 4/7. 4/7= 0.571 to 3s.f

How would you right eight divided twice a number?

There has to be a wrong before it is righted!

What is twice the quotient of a number m and 35?

m divided by 70

What number can be divided by six seven and eleven?


What number can be divided by eight seven and three?


What is a number between fifty and one hundred and when divided by seven the remainder is four and when the number is divided by ten the remainder is eight what is the number?

I don't think there is such a number.

What is the quotient of eight and twice the number?

8 divided by ( n x 2) = q

Translate the difference between twice a number and four time the sum of the number and seven is equal to two?

The difference between a number x and twice y is equal to fifteen.

Can seven and a hundred be divided by the same number?

Yes, 1

What number divided by 3 plus 5 is 2?


How can you make an LCD into a fraction?

An LCD is a positive integer. But any integer can can be expressed as a fraction : as the same number divided by 1. Or twice the number divided by 2, etc.

How are even and odd numbers different?

Even numbers can be divided by 2 (with no remainder) while odd number can not be divided by 2 (with no remainder). 4 is an even number (2 into 4 goes twice) 5 is an odd number (2 into 5 goes twice with a remainder of 1)

How do you write sum of twice a number plus seven?


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