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7 less than a number could be anything. In a math problem, it will usually say

7 less than a number, n

In this case it would be n - 7.

7 less than a number, x

In this case it would be x - 7

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Q: What is seven less than some number?
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What number is greater than seven less than eight?

Seven and a half (:

What it the equation for six less than seven times some number?

7n - 6

If 63 less than 15 times a number is 72 whats the number?

seven seven

Is seven less than a number is 15?


Will the soulution of x-147 be greater or less than seven?

The solution will be greater than the number seven.

What is the number if Three is seven less than two times a number?


How do you Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression Six less than seven times some number?


What number is six less than the number seven and eight?

15 - 6 = 9

Seven less than a number ia 12 what is the number?

It is: 19-7 = 12

Seven less than twice a number is negative one hundred forty-seven?


What is the number if seven less than half of it is 35?

If seven less than half of the number is 35 then 7 plus 35 must be half of the number. 7 + 35 = 42 and if that is half the number the whole number must be 42 x 2, which is 84.

Seven less than double a number is -22?


What does the number 8 mean?

it is an integer. it means more than seven but less than nine.

What is the probability that a prime number is less than 7 given that it is less than 13?

2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 are the six prime numbers less than 13, Three of these are less than seven. So, the probability that a randomly chosen prime number less than thirteen is less than seven is 3 divided by 6 or 0.5. Said another way the odds are 50/50.

The product of 4 and seven less than a number?


Is fifteen is less than the number twenty-seven?


What is the difference between 7 less than a number and 7 is less than a number?

7 less than a number is an algebraic expression. Given the number the expression can be evaluated. 7 is less than a number is a statement in the form of an inequality. It is true for some values of the number and not for others.

If it is greater than 30 and less than 40 if you add the digits the sum is 10 what is the number word?

The number is thirty-seven.

The ovulation period within 7 only?

with some people it may vary. you can have less than seven, seven, or more than seven. Deals with your hormones.

What is the greatest prime number that is less than fifty?


Thirty-two decreased by twice a number is less than eighteen?

It's seven

What is the algebraic expression of seven less than a number b?

(b - 7) should do it.

Which number is seven less than twice the square root of eighty-one?

The answer is 11 !

How do you write seven less than one-half of a number?

n/2 - 7

What expression represents seven less than five times a number?

5n - 7

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