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seven minus five equals two.

7 - 5 = 2.

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Q: What is seven minus five?
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What is twelve minus seven?

Twelve minus seven is five

23 and a half minus seven and five eighths?

23 and a half minus seven and five eighths equals 15.875

Negative seven minus five?

-7 minus 5 is -12.

What is the answer to five less seven?

Five minus seven is negative two. Here's a trick: switch the numbers around and then take your answer. Give it a minus sign.

What is thirteen minus five and three eighths?

seven and five eights

What is five minus twelve?

negative seven, -7

What does positive five minus seven equal?


What is 5 and two fifths minus -2 and seven fifteenths?


What is seven and two thirds minus three and five six?

three and five sixths

What Seven eights minus two thirds?

five twentyfourths

Three fourths minus five sixteenths?

seven sixteenths

What is seven minus five sevenths?

6 and 2 sevenths

What is positive five minus negative seven equal?


What is seven ninths minus five ninths?


What is seven twelfths minus thirty five?

It is -345/12

What is seven eighteenths minus five sixths?

7/18 minus 5/6 is -4/9

What is five sixths minus seven twelfths?

5/6 minus 7/12 is 1/4.

What is seven tenths minus five tenths?

7/10 minus 5/10 is 1/5.

What is forty-seven minus thirty-five?

in decimal: 12 in hex: C

What is seven and one third minus five and five sixths?

7 1/3 minus 5 5/6 is 1 1/2

What is minus five equals y over seven?

y = -35

What is seven over fifteen minus two over five?


What is seven eighths minus five twelfths?

2 over 24.

What is colder -2 or -7?


What is the answer of seven over one minus two over five minus five?

If you mean: 7/1-2/5-5 then the answer is 8/5 or 1.6