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72 over 40 which is equal to 9 over 5

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Q: What is seven over 8 divided by five over twelve?
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What is the denominator of five over twelve plus seven over twelve if the given numerator is equal to seven?


What is five over six divided by five over twelve?

It is 5/6 divided by 5/12 = 2

What does three over five divided by seven over twelve equal?

3/5 ÷ 7/12 = 36/35 or 11/35

What is the answer to five over twelve plus one over six?

seven over twelve. fraction form

What is one over seven divided by nine over twelve?


What is one over five divided by four over seven?

seven over twenty

What is nine over seven divided by seven over five?

It is: 45/49

What is greater seven over twelve or two over five?

Well considering that 7 is 5 places from twelve and 2 is 3 places from five....2 over 5 is greater.

What is seven and one sixth plus five and one fourth plus five and one sixth?

seventeen and seven over twelve

What is five over twelve as a percent?

what is five over twelve as a percent

What is the quotient of three over eight divided by seven over twelve?

3/8 ÷ 7/12 = 9/14

What is five over eight divided by seven over nine?

5/8 divided by 7/9 = 45/56