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7/12 + 11/30 is 19/20

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Q: What is seven twelfths plus eleven over thirty?
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What is 4 and 5 over 12 minus 5 and 11 over 12 equal?

Four and five twelfths is 53 twelfths, five and eleven twelfths is 71 twelfths so answer is "minus eighteen twelfths", ie -1½ or -1.5

What is seven eighths minus five twelfths?

2 over 24.

What is seven-twelfths plus seven twelfths?

If the denominator (the lower part of the fraction) is the same you just add the numerators (the upper part) and place the result over the common denominator.

What is the simplest form for seven over thirty-five?

The simplest form for seven over thirty-five is 1/5

What is the simplest form of eleven over thirty?

11/30 is in its simplest form.

What is 5 over 9 minus one fourth?

The answer is eleven thirty-sixths.

What is seven over eleven as a decimal?


What is Five over eleven times seven times seven?


What is the reciprocal of seven over thirty one?

The reciprocal of a fraction is the same fraction flip-flopped. So the numerator becomes the denominator, and the denominator becomes the denominator. So for seven over thirty one, the reciprocal is thirty one over seven

Why does eleven become so angry with seven?

Eleven become so angry with seven because eleven is an odd number but when seven wants to make out with him and add into him eleven becomes eighteen that is an even number and he gets angry over that.

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What equivalent fraction for seven over eleven?