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devide it by one hundred and that's the answer

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Q: What is seventy hundredths as a percentage?
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Related questions

What is seventy-five hundredths in decimal?

Seventy-five hundredths = 0.75

How do you write seventy four hundredths?

Seventy four hundredths is written .74

Which number is equivalent to seventy-one hundredths?

Seventy-one hundredths = 0.71

What is 5.78 in words?

It is five and seventy-eight hundredths

How do you write seventy-two hundredths as a decimal?

Seventy-two hundredths written as a decimal is 0.72

How do you write seventy-five hundredths in decimal form?

Seventy-five hundredths is written as 0.75

What is seventy three and seventy hundredths in standard form?

Seventy-three and seventy hundredths in standard form = 7.37 × 101

How do you write seventy nine hundredths as a decimal?

seventy nine hundredths = 0.79 in decimal

What is eighty-five and seventy-six hundredths in decimals?

Eighty-five and seventy-six hundredths = 85.76

How do you write twelve and seventy five hundredths as a decimal?

Twelve and seventy-five hundredths = 12 .75

Seventy seven hundredths as a decimal?

0.77 is pronounced seventy seven hundredths.

How does this number read 89.70?

Eighty-nine and seventy hundredths

9.74 in word form?

Nine and seventy-four hundredths.

What is 43.78in word form?

Forty-three and seventy-eight hundredths

Seventy-two and seventy hundredths in decimals form?


How do you write a decimal seventy and seventy- eight hundredths?

It is 70.78

One and seventy hundredths in standard form?

One and seventy hundredths in standard form is 1.7 × 100

What is the word form for this decimal 15.73?

Fifteen and seventy-three hundredths

How do you write seventy and seventy eight hundredths in standard form?


How is seventy and seventy eight hundredths written in standard form?


What is 0.75 in words?

Seventy-five hundredths or seventy-five percent.

Which is bigger seventy-five hundreds or six tenth?

seventy-five hundredths = 0.75 and six tenths is 0.60 SO ... seventy five hundredths is bigger.

What is the standard form for seventy-one hundredths?

The standard form for seventy-one hundredths is 7.1 × 10-1

What is 74.21 in written form?

Seventy-four and twenty-one hundredths

What is the 5.72 in words?

I would write: five and seventy-two hundredths.