What is shooting percentage?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It's the percentage of your field goal shots made and field goals attempted, also known as a field goal percentage

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Q: What is shooting percentage?
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Does the gender affect the shooting percentage?


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Does leather or rubber basketballs help your shooting shooting percentage?

I wouldn't think so, but it may help with dribbling.

Worst shooting percentage in NBA?

I think derek fisher

Which nba player has the highest shooting percentage?

Stephen Curry

Does the basketballs shooting position affect you're shooting percentage?

Your body position is easier at about the head, not to high for your arms, not to low.

What is the highest shooting percentage by a single player in a single game?


What is the control group in a basketball shooting percentage experiment?

what is the control group in basketball

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What is the average team free throw shooting percentage?

It is at least from 40-70% from the line.

What was Jackie Stiles overall shooting percentage while at SMS now MSU?

Career = 53.1%

What was pete maravich's college shooting percentage?

Pete Maravich shot .438 percent in college.