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12 19/72

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Q: What is six and eight ninths plus five and three eighths?
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What is five eighths times three ninths?


What fraction is between three eighths and five ninths?


What is eight ninths minus three ninths?

five-ninths, 5 _ 9

What is Five and six ninths plus three and eight ninths?

That is 9 and 5 ninths.

What is five ninths times forty-three?

It is 23.89 or 23 and eight ninths.

What is five ninths times eight?

five ninths times eight is forty ninths.

Are five eighths equivalent to six ninths?

No five eights are not equivalent to six ninths.

What is five ninths plus three eighths?

40/72 + 27/72 = 67/72

What is three fourths minus one eight?

Three fourths is six eighths. Six eighths minus one eighth is five eighths.

Eight minus two and three eights equal?

Five and five-eighths

Is five ninths equal to greater than or less than seven eighths?

5/9 = .555 7/8 = .875 Thereby, five ninths is less than seven eighths.

What is 2 times 1 and five ninths?

One and 5 ninths is fourteen ninths so double that is twenty eight ninths which ends up as three and one ninth.

Is five ninths greater than eight ninths?

No, it's not.

What is two sevenths of five ninths of three eighths of 168?

(2/7) of (5/9) of (3/8) of 168 = 10

What is the DIMENSIONS of a red brick?

The dimensions of a standard red brick are three?æand five eighths by two?æand a quarter by eight inches. A jumbo one measures three and five eighths by 2 and three?æquarters by eight inches.

What is five and eight ninths plus three and one half?

9 and 7/18

What do four and seven eigths plus three and three fourths equal?

eight and five eighths

Five ninths plus negative three eighths?

5/9 + (-3/8) = 40/72 - 27/72 = 13/72

What is five ninths times three fifths?

Five ninths times three fifths is one third.

What is the answer to five-eighths eight three quarters plus one half?


What is seven and two ninths subtract four and five eighths?

I highly recommend google.

What is three and five eighths plus four and six eighths?

The answer is 2 and three eighths

Three and five eighths minus one?

Two and five eighths

What are the three ways to write five ninths?

Five ninths 5/9 0.55 repeating

What is one minus five eighths?

three eighths