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It is: 6/8 = 3/4 in its lowest terms

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Q: What is six eighths reduced to it's lowest terms?
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What is six twenty-eighths in its lowest terms?


What is six eighths reduced to?


What is one fourth times six eighths?

It is: 1/4 times 6/8 = 3/16 in its lowest terms

What is six over thirty five in lowest terms?

The fraction 6/35 cannot be reduced any more.

What is six eighths to its lowest term?

three forths

What is eighty two minus six eighths?

650/8 reduced to 325/4

Is six eighths equal to one half?

No. It is equivalent to 3/4 which is the reduced form.

What is five eighths times six?

Thirty eighths. Or three and six eighths.

What is six tenths in lowest terms.?


What is six over two in lowest terms?

6/2 in lowest terms in 3/1 or 3.

What is thirty six over fifty four in lowest terms?

36/54 in lowest terms is 2/3

What is the lowest factor of six ninths?

6/9 can be reduced to 2/3

What is the sum of three eighths plus three eighths?

six eighths

Is four over six in the lowest term?

No because 4/6 = 2/3 in its lowest terms

What is three fourths minus one eight?

Three fourths is six eighths. Six eighths minus one eighth is five eighths.

What is three and five eighths plus four and six eighths?

The answer is 2 and three eighths

What is six eighths minus two eighths?

four eighths, which simplifies to one half.

What is seven eighths minus six eighths?


What is 9 and three eighths minus 6 and five eighths equals?

2 six eighths

What common divisor can be used to reduce 24 over 30 to the lowest terms?

It is: 6 because 24/30 = 4/5 in its lowest terms

What does six eighths minus four eighths equal?


What is one hundred divided by thirty-six?

100/36 = 2 and 7/9 in its lowest terms

What is six ninths equivlant to?

6/9 is equivalent to 2/3 in its lowest terms

What is six and two thirds divided by seven eighths?

Six and two thirds divided by seven eighths = 713/21

Is one and seven eighths greater than one and six eighths?


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