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6/7 minus 1/5 is 23/35.

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Q: What is six sevenths minus one fifth equal?
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Related questions

What is one minus two sevenths?

Five sevenths

What is nine tenths minus what equal one fifth?

Eight Fifths

How much less than one is thee sevenths?

Answer: four-sevenths. One minus three-sevenths is four sevenths

What is four and three sevenths minus two and five sevenths?

one and five sevenths

What is 3 sevenths minus 2 fifths?

We convert it into thirty-fifths. That gives 15 thirty-fifths minus 14 thirty-fifths which is one thirty fifth.

What is two fifth minus one tenths equal?

2/5 minus 1/10 is 3/10.

What does seven and one half minus two and one fifth equal?

A number.

What is six sevenths minus one third equal?

11/21 (eleven over twenty-one)

What does nine-tenths minus one fifth equal?


What is four and one sevenths minus one and three sevenths?

2 and 5/7 (i think)

What is four sevenths minus one half?

one fourteenth

What is one half minus one fifth?

One half minus one fifth is 3 tenths

What is one hundred and nneteen and five sevenths minus twenty one and six sevenths?

It is: 119 and 5/7 minus 21 and 6/7 = 97 and 6/7

What douse one hole and one fifth minus three fourths equal?

1 1/5 minus 3/4 is 9/20.

What is one half minus three sevenths?


What is eight fourteenths minus three sevenths?

The answer is One Seventh

What does seven and one fifth minus three and one fourth equal?

It is three and nineteen twentieths or 3.95 in decimal.

What is two fifth plus one fifth minus three tenth?

2/5 plus 1/5 minus 3/10 is equal to 0.3 or 3/10

Is three sevenths bigger than one fifth?


What is two sevenths plus one fifth?

The answer is 17/35.

What is two an one eighth minus one and two sevenths?

2 and 1/8 minus 1 and 2/7 = 47/56

What is five sevenths minus one fourth?

It is: 5/7 minus 1/4 = 13/28

What is six sevenths minus one third?

It is: 6/7 minus 1/3 = 11/21

What is five and one fifth divided by one and two sevenths?


What is three minus one and five sevenths?

1 2/7