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6/7 * 3/5 = (6*3)/(7*5) = 18/35.

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Q: What is six sevenths multiplied by three fifths?
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What is two-fifths multiplied by six-sevenths?


Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

What is three fifths times six sevenths?


What does six and three sevenths multiplied by twenty-one equal?


What is two fifths times six sevenths?


What is the answer to seven and three thirds x six sevenths?

6 and six sevenths

What is six sevenths multiplied by five eights equals?

6 sevenths multiplied by 5 eights equals 15 over twenty-eight, or 15/28

What is nine and one fifths minus two and three fifths?

six and three fifths

What is six fifths multiplied by five?

30/5 or 6.

What is six wholes and three fifths plus six wholes and three fifths equal?

13 and 1 fifth

How do you write six and three fifths in decimal?

Six and three fifths in decimal form is 6.6

Is three sevenths larger than six thirty fifths?

No. No. No. No.

How do you write four fifths plus six sevenths in simplest form?

28/35 + 30/35 = 58/35

What is six sevenths minus two fifths?

The answer is 6/7 minus 2/5 = 16/35

If you subtract three fifths from seven what do you get?

Six and two fifths.

What is four sevenths plus six sevenths?

Ten sevenths or one and three sevenths

How do you use three fifths in a sentence?

Thirty six minutes is three fifths of an hour.

What is three fifths plus three fifths?

(Three of anything) plus (another three of it) = (six of the same thing)

Is three fourths greater than six sevenths?


Does three sevenths equal six fourteenths?


What is six divided by three sevenths?

It's 14.

3 fifths as a decimal fraction?

The decimal version of three fifths is .6 (six tenths is the same as three fifths).

What is six fifths plus twelve sevenths?

It is 6/5 plus 12/7 equals 102/35

A certain recipe asks for six- sevenths cup of granola. how much is needed to make three-fifths of a recipe?

18/35 of a cup

What is three and three sevenths minus one and six sevenths?

24/7 - 13/7 = 11/7 or 1 and 4/7