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Multiply 6 times 2, and six times 2/7. Convert the latter to a mixed fraction, and add everything up.Or: Convert 2 and 2/7 to an improper fraction, then do the multiplication.

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six times two and two sevenths is 13 5/7.

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Q: What is six times two and two sevenths?
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What is two fifths times six sevenths?


What is two sevenths plus four sevenths?

6/7, six sevenths

What is two and two sevenths plus six and five sixths?

two and two sevenths plus six and five sixths is 52.

What is the simplest form of five and nine -sevenths?

Six and two sevenths or forty four sevenths.

What is six sevenths times six?

5 and 1 7th

What is sex sevenths times six sevenths?

6*6 / 7*7 = 36/49 or thirty-six forty-nineths.

What is Six sevenths times five?

It is: 30/7

What is 5 times four sevenths?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 5 x 4/7 = 2 6/7 or two and six sevenths.

What is 3 times six sevenths?

six seventh = 0.67 Answer = 3 x 0.67 = 2.01

What is three sevenths times two and six twentyiths?

3/7 x 23/10 = 69/70

What is three fifths times six sevenths?


What is six sevenths times seven twelfths?


What is six and two sevenths in decimal form?


What is two-fifths multiplied by six-sevenths?


What is two sevenths times two sevenths?

2/7 time 2/7 = 4/49

What is the answer to seven and three thirds x six sevenths?

6 and six sevenths

Is six-sevenths greater then six-sevenths?

No, 6/7=6/7.

What is five-sevenths times two?


What is six sevenths of twelve pounds?

Well - One seventh is 1.714285 so six times that is 10.285714

What is the answer for six minus two and three sevenths?

3 and 4/7

Is two thirds bigger than six sevenths?

no 6/7 is

What is two sevenths times two math?

It is: 2/7 times 2 = 4/7

Which is bigger one sevenths or six sevenths?


What are two fractions that are equivalent to six sevenths?

30/35 and 24/28

What are two equivalent fractions for six sevenths?

12/14, 18/21

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