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negative six

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Q: What is sixteen minus twenty two?
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What is twenty-four minus eight?


What is sixteen minus twenty five?


What is sixteen minus twenty one?

16 minus 21 is -5

What is negative two minus sixteen?

The answer that you are looking for is: -18 (minus 18).

What is 916122 in word form?

Nine hundred sixteen thousand, one hundred twenty-two

What is sixteen times twenty-two?


How is 16.23 written in word form?

Sixteen and twenty-three hundredths. Most of us would say sixteen point twenty-three.

What is four fifths minus one quarter?

We convert into like terms giving sixteen twentieths minus five twentieths, giving eleven twentieths.

What is fifty minus twenty equal?

The answer two 50 minus 20 is 30.

What is two sevenths minus one fourth?

To do this, first we convert to twenty-eights. That gives us eight twenty-eights minus seven twenty-eights which equals one twenty-eight.

What is seven minus two hundred sixteen?

7-216 = -209

What is twenty minus two?

18 (eighteen)

What is sixteen percent of two hundred twenty five?


How do you write 16.22 in words?

Sixteen and twenty-two hundredths.

How do you spell 16 through 27?

Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven

What is twenty three minus negative two?


What is 2 therds of 24?

Two thirds of twenty-four is sixteen.

How do you say 2016 in Spanish?

Dos mil dieciseis. (two thousand sixteen) In English one might say 2016 as twenty sixteen. In Spanish it is always said two thousand sixteen.

What does two thirds minus four sevenths equal?

two twenty-oneths

What rhymes with two thousand sixteen?

Yellow and blue combine to make green We're the class of Twenty-sixteen

How can you multiply 242 x 8 by breaking apart numbers in words?

Two hundred times eight equals sixteen hundred. Forty times eight equals three hundred twenty. Two times eight equals sixteen. Sixteen hundred plus three hundred twenty plus sixteen equals nineteen hundred thirty-six. Two hundred forty-two times eight equals nineteen hundred thirty-six.

What is sixteen minus three point two one one?

16 - 3.211 = 12.789

What is sixteen twenty eights in simplest form?

16/28 = sixteen twenty-eighths = 4/7

What is twenty and one third minus five and two thirds?

14 and two thirds

What are two equivalent fractions to eight twentieths?

sixteen fortieths, and twenty-four sixtieths