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16 x 4 is 64

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Q: What is sixteen times four?
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Is sixteen divisible by four?

yes because if you times four by four it is sixteen and divide sixteen by ffour and equals to 4

What is 4 x4?

Four times four is sixteen.

What is four times four?

4 times 4 is 16, or sixteen.

What times itself is 16?

4×4=16 (four times four is sixteen)

What is is sixteen times fifty four?


What is four hundred times sixteen?


What is the product of sixteen and a number divided by four?

four times the number

How is 4 pounds equal to 64 ounces?

One pound equals sixteen ounces. So four pounds would equal sixteen times four, which equals sixty-four.

What is sixteen times four equal to?

16 x 4 = 64

How many times does four go into sixteen?

16 ÷ 4 = 4

How you write decimal that represents four and sixteen?

Four and sixteen = 20.

What is 3 times sixteen?

3 times sixteen is= 48

How do you work out numbers squared?

A number squared is just that number times itself. For example four squared is four times four equals sixteen (42 = 4 x 4 = 16).

What is 4 times 4 and a half?

four times four equals sixteen and then half of that is eight. Disregard the previous answer. It is incorrect. The following answer is correct. 4x4 is sixteen, and half of one of the 4's is 2, so the answer is 18.

What is the answer of is Two thousand four seven hundred sixteen?

The answer is no, two thousand four is NOT seven hundred sixteen.

Mary is sixteen and is four times as old as her brother how old is the brother?

her brother is 4 years old

What is negative sixty four divided by 2 times negative sixteen?

-64 : 2x(-16) = 2

The formula for methane is CH4 Four moles of methanes would have a mass of?

Four times the atomic weight of carbon plus sixteen times the atomic weight of hydrogen = about 64 grams.

How do you spell 416?

The number 416 is "four hundred sixteen" or "four hundred and sixteen."(for the year or a street address, it could be spoken four sixteen)

How much is four squared?

Four squared is sixteen.

What is one over four times one over two divided by one over sixteen?


How do you write sixteen million four hundred five thousand sixteen?


What is answer of sixteen minus fourteen times two times four divided by four plus seven?

sixteen minus fourteen times two times four divided by four plus seven 16 - 14 × 2 × 4 ÷ 4 + 7 = (16 - ((14 × 2 )× (4 ÷ 4))) + 7 = (16 - (28 × 1)) + 7 = (16 - 28) + 7 = -12 + 7 = -5.

What is two times two times four plus sixteen divided by four minus two?

Working left to right it would be 6. If you wanted a proper answer please restate the Question in proper mathematical notation.

What is four over sixteen?