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Q: What is smaller a milligram kilogram centigram or gram?
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From largest to smallest what is the order of gram kilogram hectogram dekagram centigram decigram milligram?

kilogram, gram, decigram, centigram and milligram

Shortest to longest kilogram milligram megagram gram centimeter microgram?

assuming you meant centimeter as centigram : micogram, milligram, centigram, kilogram, megagram.

Is a milligram larger or smaller than a centigram?

A centigram is bigger than a milligram.Yes. A milligram is 1/1000 of a gram. A centigram is 1/100 of a gram. Centigram is rarely used as a measure of mass, gram or milligram are the more common units of measure.

Which is bigger centigram or kilogram?

Kilogram is bigger. parts of a gram: 10-1 gram = 1 decigram 10-2 gram = 1 centigram 10-3 gram = 1 milligram

Is a milligram ten times smaller than kilogram?

No. A milligram is a thousand times smaller than a gram, and a gram is a thousand times smaller than a kilogram. Then, a milligram is a million times smaller than a kilogram.

What is bigger a centigram or a milligram?

A centigram is one hundredth of a gram. A milligram is one thousandths of a gram. This means a centigram weighs more than a milligram.

What units of measure would be most appropriate for determining the mass of an apple a Gram or kilogram or milligram or centigram?


What is the opposite of kilogram?

it is kilogram but milligram, gram, centigram and tonne can also be as opposite does not have a fixed value in numbers

One-hundredth of a centigram is?

1 gram = 100 centigram 1 gram = 1000 milligram one-hundreth of a centigram = 0.01 centigram = 0.01/100 gram = 0.0001 gram = 0.01 milligram

Which is smaller gram or a centigram?

centigram is smaller.1 gram = 100 centigram

Is a milligram lighter than a centigram?

Yes. A milligram is 1/1000 of a gram. A centigram is 1/100 of a gram. So, there are 10 milligrams in one centigram.

What measurement is smaller than a gram?

(decigram, centigram, not in common usage) milligram, microgram...etc.

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