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Negative 2/3 is smaller than negative 1/3.

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Q: What is smaller negative one third or negative two thirds?
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Is negative four thirds less than negative negative one third?

yes, the smaller the negative number the bigger it actually is

What is greater negative one-third or negative seven-thirds?

Negative one third.

Is negative two thirds greater than negative one sixth?

Negative two thirds is smaller than negative one sixth. To have more of a negative is to have less.

What is one third times negative two?

negative two-thirds

What is one-third minus one?

negative two-thirds

What is the answer to negative one-third times negative 2?

Positive two-thirds.

What is two times negative one third?

negative two thirds = -2/3

What is One third times negative two thirds?

It is -2/9

What is two-thirds subtracted by 1 equal?

Negative one third or -0.333

What is three and one third minus 6 equal?

negative 2 and two thirds

Is 2 thirds smaller than 2 sixths?

No. If you look at the two number closely, you can see that two sixths is actually one third, which is smaller than two thirds.

What is two thirds plus one third plus one third?

Three thirds

One third plus what equals two thirds?

One third plus one third equals two thirds.

What is four thirds plus negative one third?

4/3 plus -1/3 = 1

Is nine thirds greater than three and one third?

No, nine thirds is just three so three and one third is one third larger than nine thirds

What is one third minus two thirds?

One minus two thirds is one third.

Is two thirds less than one third?

Two thirds is more than one third.

What is two thirds plus one?

Five thirds, or one and a third.

What is one and one third subtract two thirds?

two thirds

What is zero minus one and two thirds?

negative one and two thirds.

What is one third plus one third?

2 thirds

What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

What is one-half of two-thirds?

One-half of two-thirds is one-third.

What is one minus two thirds?

One minus two thirds is one third.

What is four thirds simplified?

four thirds is the same as one and one third.

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