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i think one half

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Q: What is smaller one tenth or one half?
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What is tenth in one half?

what is half of one tenth

What fraction is half of one tenth?

A half of one tenth is one twentieth.

How do you work out one half of one tenth?

one tenth is 0.1 half of that is 0.05 or 1/20 :)

What is smaller 1 tenth or 1 third?


Is one fifth half of one tenth?

No. Half of one tenth is 1/20. To get 1/5 take two 'one tenth's ie twice of one tenth is one fifth.

What is one tenth is half of one...?


One tenth is a half of what?

one fifth

What is one tenth of half a meter?

one-tenth of a half is always one-twentieth. 1/20 of a meter is 5 centimeters.

What is one half of one fifth?

One tenth

Is one twentieth half of one tenth?


What is one half minus one tenth?


What is one half of a fifth?

one half of a fifth= one tenth 5*2=10 1*1=1 1/10+ one tenth

What is five tenth of a circle?

one half

What does one and one-half plus one-tenth equal?

One and one-half plus one-tenth equals 1 and six tenths or one and three fifths.

Is one tenth less than half of a teaspoon?

Depends on one tenth of what. A teaspoon, a bucketful?

Which is greater one half of a pound or one tenth of a pound?

One half of a pound is greater.

What is one half add one tenth?

three fifths

What is half of 1 tenth?

Half of a tenth is 0.05

What is one tenth of five hours?

One tenth of five hours is half an hour (30 minutes)

Which is greater one half of one pound or one tenth of one pound?

one half of one pound

Which is smaller 11.46 or 1.146?

1.146 - it is one tenth of 11.46

Are bacteria smaller then cells?

No, they are about one tenth of a cells size.

What is 0.45 to the nearest tenth?

.45 can be rounded to the nearest tenth, .5 or one half.

What is one half minus one fifths?

Minus one tenth.

Which is smaller two threes or one half?

One Half.