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sample of problem solving

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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The length of a rectangular floor is 2 feet more than its width The area of the floor is 168 square feet Kim wants to use a rug in the middle of the room and leave a 2 foot border of the floor visib

The perimeter of a rectangle is 18 feet and the area of the rectangle is 20 square feet what is the width of the rectangle

The sum of two numbers is 19 and their product is 78 What is the larger number

A rectangular garden has a perimeter of 48 cm and an area of 140 sq cm What is the width of this garden

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Q: What is solving problem in math?
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Who was killed when he was busy solving math problem?

Archimedes was killed by the Romans while solving a math problem.

What does math problem solving mean?

it is the ability to solve math problems Math problems solving means generate some specific answers to the given problem.

Are people who are good at solving math problems good at solving other types of problems?

I like mathematics, but I am bad at problem solving. Engineers are good at mathematics and problem solving.

Which level of consciousness are you using when solving a math problem?

The level of consciousness you are using when solving a math's problem may be referred to as esoteric. This is only understood by a small group that have a special interest.

What is the example of asked in problem solving in math?


What are the basic steps of problem solving in math what are the importance of following these steps when presented a problem?

what are the basic steps of problem solving in algebra and what are the importance of following these steps when presented in a problem.

What is mean by acting out in math problem solving?

What is mean by acting

What is an Assistance to the solving of a math problem like a calculator computer etc?


When you're solving a math problem what does it mean when it says to cancel a product?

It means that you don't look at it anymore. It makes the math problem easier.

When is division the correct method for solving a math problem?

When the correct answer is a quotient.

How do you use a terminating decimal in real life?

When solving a math problem

In order to enter the LPN prograre you need to do math test What is on the math test?

numbers,problem solving,formulas

What part of the brain is used for solving a maths problem?

The Cerebrum is the part of the brain that would be used to solve a math problem.

What did john venn contribute to problem solving in math?

hE invEnTed THe vEnn DiaGrAm ,,

How is math involved with being a detective?

Because they both are involved in problem solving.

Can you solve this math problem a ba-bb-a?

If my math works, the solution if you are solving for b is (2a-ba)÷(-b)=b.

Solving a mathematical problem without the use of paper and pencil calculator or computer is called using math.?

mental math

What math is used in forensics?

They use many complex equations and do a lot of problem solving.

How do you get a product when solving a math problem?

A product is the result of multiplying 2 numbers together.

Is cool math related to math?

Not really. It's basically a website with a bunch of games. Some of them have to do with problem solving, which is probably why it's called "cool math games."

How do you solve Problem Solving Strategy math problems?

there are 4 steps to problem solving. first write what the question is asking you.then write what you know. then you make and Carrie out a plan andfinally you represent the answer in a sentence

Four fundamental operation of math using problem solving?

add,subtact,multiply divide

What are the basic steps in solving word problem in math?

read it carefully and under line then solve it

Is there English in math?

In problem solving especially word problems, language is used to represent equations.

Why are you good at math but not at writing?

Math and writing are two different types of work. Writing uses creativity and knowledge. Math requires crittical thinking and problem solving skills.