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Q: What is something cut into two pieces called and starts with bi?
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What is it called if you cut something into three equal pieces?


Why Is 4 over 9 greater than 4 over 10?

Because 4 pieces of something that was cut up in 9 pieces is more than 4 pieces of something that was cut up in 10 pieces. If you cut it up in 9 pieces instead of 10, then the pieces are bigger.

What is an apple called if it is cut into 7 pieces?

an apple.

What word starts with bi and means cut into 2 pieces?

bisect The line bisects the angle

What does bisect mean?

Bisect means to cut something in to two pieces.

Powerful molecules which cut DNA into pieces are called what?

Restriction enzymes

How do you get 5 percent of something?

Cut it up into 20 pieces that are all the same size. Then pick up any one of the pieces.

Powerful molecules which cut DNA into pieces arfe called?

Restriction Enzymes

Why are fourths bigger than tenths?

Fourths are much bigger than tenths. They are so much bigger that it only takes FOUR of them to make one whole something. Tenths are smaller; it takes TEN of them to make the same whole something. Make 2 identical strawberry rhubarb pies. Cut one into FOUR equal pieces. Cut the other into TEN equal pieces. If you give out a piece from the one cut into 4 pieces, and a piece from the one cut into 10 pieces, which piece will be larger? The first pie is cut into fourths, and the second is cut into tenths.

What is 5 letters that describe violently break that starts with m?

The word in mince. It means to cut up or chop into small pieces.

Why is one third greater than one fourth?

When something is cut into equal pieces, (think of a pie), the pieces are larger the fewer pieces there are. If the pie is cut in half, that is an entire HALF of the pie one has to eat. But if the pie is cut into three equal pieces, there are more pieces, but they are smaller. So, one fourth of the pie would be even smaller because you are getting ONE piece of a pie that is cut into FOUR pieces. The bottom number of the fraction is how many equal sized pieces there are, and the top number is how many you are getting.

What is the meaning of chop in cooking?

Chop means to cut something such as a fruit, vegetable or meat into smaller pieces.