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Q: What is something that's 5280 cm long?
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What is 5280 ft in cm?

5280' = 160,934.4 cm

How many centimeters is in 5280 feet?

There are 160,934.4 cm.

''How big is 5280 feet in cm and mm''?

5280 feet = 160,934 centimetres and 4 millimetres.

What does it say on CM punks stomach?

Streight Edge! Thats something part of his life.

Did cm punk wear diapers?

No! No! No! Thats something I really thinks he would never wear.

How do you convert cm into miles?

cm x 2.54 inch/2.54 cm x 1ft/12 inch x 1 mile/5280 ftSo, take the number of cm, divide that by 2.54, then divide that by 12 and finally divide that by 5280

Will CM Punk defeat the world heavyweight champion?

Thats something that W. W. E. would decide.

If something is 200 cm long then how many mm is it?

200cm = 2000mm (multiply cm by 10).

How many centimeters are in a half mile?

2.54 cm per in x 12 in/ft x 5280 ft/mile x 1/2 mile = 2.54 x 12 x 5280/2 = 80,467 cm

1mile equal to how many cm?

1 mi x 5280 ft/mi x 12 inches/ft x 2.54 cm/inch = 160,934 cm

480 cm equals how many miles?

Virtually none. 480 cm = 4.8 metres which is under 16 feet. A mile is 5280 feet.

Does cm punk get waxed?

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