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Q: What is something that is multiplied?
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Something multiplied by something equals 98?

7*14 = 98

What is something multiplied by four called?


What is something multiplied by nine called?

a multiple of 9

What is the word for something being multiplied by four?

Quadruple. (multiplication)

How do you 0.025 by something?

0.025 is equivalent to 2.5% when it is multiplied by 100

What is Treble in maths?

The same as "triple" - that something is multiplied by 3.

What is the power to which something is raised or the number of times it is multiplied by itself?

Its exponent.

If something is quadrupled how many times has it been multiplied?

Four times

Something multiplied by something equals 117?

1x117! well i guess that's not too good so............ 39x3!

What is five sevenths of something?

5/7 of something = 5/7 multiplied by that something Example: 5/7 of 15 = 75/7

What is a multiplication statement for something multiplied by 10?

the result will always end in 0

How does something increase by factor of 4?

That's a fancy way of saying it is multiplied by 4.