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Because it is one less than the very ordinary number 15.

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Q: What is special about the number fourteen?
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Why is fourteen not a whole number?

There is no reason. Therefore, fourteen is a whole number.

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How do you write the number 14 in words?

14 = fourteen

Six less than fourteen times a number?

six less than fourteen times a number

What does fourteen mean?

fourteen is the alphabetic word for the number 14. pronounced For teen

What is three sevenths of fourteen?

three-seventh of a number, increased by fourteen

Write fourteen as a Roman number?

Fourteen as a Roman numeral would be XIV

What number has fourteen factors?

192 does.

What number is half of fourteen?


What number can go into fourteen and five?

Only the number 1.

How do you spell 2014?

The number is "two thousand fourteen."The year may be expressed as "twenty fourteen."

Which triangle will have an area of fourteen square feet?

there are an infinite number of triangles that have fourteen square feet