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Depends upon where the commercial property is located

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Q: What is square foot charge for commercial property?
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How much per square foot to rent commercial property in Greenville NC?


What is the average price per square foot of land?

can someone please tell me what the going rate per square foot is on commercial property/ industrial property which happens to be zoned that way but is vacant land

What is the average construction cost per square foot in Tampa Florida for commercial property?

Figure about $105

What is the average cost per square foot to renovate a commercial building in North Carolina?

6500 sq ft remodel on commercial property

Commercial real estate price price per square foot Seattle?

commercial real estate price per square foot san Diego commercial real estate price per square foot san Diego

Commercial construction average cost per square foot Arizona?

The commercial construction cost per square foot in Arizona will average at about $101 per square foot. This means a 3,000 square foot building should cost about $300,000 to build.

How much per square foot does it cost to build a 9200 square foot commercial strip mall?

It costs alot.

What is the average rental fee per square foot for commercial property in Allen county Ohio?

I see a commercial building that's advertising 3000 sf. How do I calculate the average cost per month?

How much to charge per square foot for taping and mudding dry wall?

.80 per square foot on the average

How much do you charge to lay bricks?

$6 a square foot.

How much do contractors charge for installing commercial carpet tile?

Up to 1.50 a square foot if you provide the Tiles and material, 1.50 is national average on the tile installation.

How much waste is generated per square foot of commercial space?

2 square feet

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