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16*24 = 384 square inches.

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Q: What is square inches of 16 inch by 24 inch rectangle?
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If a rectangle measures sixteen inches by 1 inch whats the area?

16 inches 16 inches

How many square inches in a 16 inch by 16 inch square?


How do you tell the perimeter of a rectangle if you only have the area?

You can`t be sure of the individual sides. A one inch by sixteen inch rectangle, an eight by two inch rectangle, a four inch by four inch rectangle all have the same area (16 square inches) but the first rectangle`s sides add up to 34, the second rectangle`s sides add up to 20, the third rectangle`s sides add up to 16

What is the area of a rectangle with sides of lengths one twelfth of a foot and three fourths of a foot?

1 inch by 9 inches = 9 square inches = 0.0625 square feet = 1/16 square foot

What is the area of a rectangle of 16 inches and 1 foot?

192 square inches

How could you find the measuements of the frame with a 16 inch perimeter and the greatest possible area?

For any perimeter, the rectangle with the greatest area is a square.For a 16-inch perimeter, the greatest rectangular area is 16 square inches,inside a square with 4-inch sides.But if you don't necessarily need straight sides, then you can squeeze more areainside the same perimeter with a circle. A circle with a 16-inch circumference has anarea of 20.372 square inches.

What is the width of a rectangle if the area is 400 SQUARE INCHES AND THE LENGHT IS 16 SQUARE INCHES?

If you mean a length of 16 inches then the width is: 400/16 = 25 feet

What is the area of a square if the length is 16 inches and the height is 14 inches?

The area of square is : 256.0

What is the area of a square picture with 16 inch sides?

The area of square is : 256.0

4 inch square is equal to how many square inches?

4 x 4 = 16 square inches.

What is the length of a rectangle when its area is 240 square inches and the width is 15 inches?

240/15 = 16 inches

What is the area of the square television screen with 16-inch sides?

256 square inches. You get that by multiplying 16 by 16.