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299 square feet = 33.22 square yards

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Q: What is square yardage of 13x23?
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What is 13x23?


How to find the square yard?

If you mean how do you calculate the square yardage of an area, you multiply the length by the width. If an area is 5 yards long and 5 yards wide, the square yardage is 25 square yards.

How do you find square yardage?

9 square ft = 1 sq yd

What is the average square yardage of a house?

16.4752257 yd^2

How do you figure yardage?

You determine square yardage by determining your square feet (width multiplied by length) and then dividing it by 9. So 12 x 10 = 120 sq. ft 120 divided by 9 = 13.33 square yards.

How to convert yards to sq ft?

Muliply the square yardage by 9 gives you square footage.

What is the square yardage of 36 square feet?

36 square feet = 4 square yards.Formula: square feet divided by 9 = square yards

How do you figure out the square yardage for a driveway?

poo all over it then use a tape measure

How many square feet in a 4 inch thick slab using 3 yards of concrete?

roughly 240 square feet. Formula for figuring yardage is: (Width X Length X thickness)/27= cubic yardage of concrete. Just reverse the formula to solve for Width X Length or Square Feet. CY X 27 divided by thickness = square footage

What is the square yardage for 980 square feet?

There are 9 square feet in one square yard - that is, three feet in both a vertical and horizontal direction. Therefore, 980 square feet is equal to 980 / 9 = 108.8 recurring (that is, 108.8888...) square yards.

If you have 90 square yards of carpet how many linear feet will that cover?

You can't calculate linear footage based on square yardage alone. If you meant square footage it will cover 810 sq. ft..

Who hold total yardage record for division 2 football?

You need to be more specific. Total yardage in a single game? Total yardage in a season? Total yardage in a college career? And is it rushing yardage, passing yardage, kickoff yardage, puntyardage, kickoff-return yardage, punt-return yardage, total return yardage, or total yardage. If it's passing yardage, do you mean as a receiver or as a passer?Of course, I don't know the answer either way, and really, who cares? It's Division II. It could be a million yards, but whoever holds the record can't hold a candle to the average division I-A player. If they could, they would have played in Division I-A, or at least I-B.But if you want anyone to answer this question, you're going to have to be more precise in how you ask it.