What is statistical redundancy?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Statistical redundancy is : blablaBLABLAblabla ==> aabbbba ..

bla ==> a

BLA ==> bb

"a" is chosen shorter than "bb" because "bla" is more frequent than "BLA"..


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Q: What is statistical redundancy?
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What are three types of redundancy checks used in data communications?

coding redundancy interpixel redundancy psycovisual redundancy

What is the difference between controlled redundancy and uncontrolled redundancy?

Redundancy is controlled when the dbms ensures that multiple copies of the same data are consistent. If the dbms has no control over this, uncontrolled redundancy.

When was The Redundancy of Courage created?

The Redundancy of Courage was created in 1991.

What is the difference between redundancy and duplication?

Usually, redundancy is an unnecessary duplication.

Where can one find information regarding the laws about redundancy?

One can find information about laws concerning redundancy from many resources. A helpful site for one looking for information on redundancy is citizensinformation.This site offers information on what redundancy is, rules regarding redundancy, how to apply for it, and information regarding contact information to learn more about the laws dealing with redundancy.

What is the plural of redundancy?

the plural of redundancy is redundancies. As in "during the recession there were a lot of redundancies".

How can a primary key be useful in controlling data redundancy?

controlling data redundancy

What is oxymoronic redundancy?

Oxymoronic Redundancy: A redundant statement used to confuse Tiffany Hyde.

Which redundancy technique is best fulfilled by a thorough and periodic backup strategy?

Data redundancy

Disadvantage of redundancy?

high cost to create redundancy in networkincreased broadcast storm in network.

What are the two basic requirements for communications within an EOC?

interoperability and redundancy

What kind of problems are associated with redundancy in databases?

problems associated with redundancy in data base,Redundancy occurs in same data multiple time tends to several problems some times redundancy controlling is necessary to improve the performance of the query.