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this is when there is a 95% chance that a discovery is wrong.Science does not try to prove something is right rather it tries to prove there is a high margin of being wrong.

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Q: What is statistical significance?
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Significance of statistical investigation to management information?

what is the significance of statistical investigation to management information?

What are the major differences between practical significance and statistical significance?

Practical significance refers to the relevance of the study to the question at hand. Statistical significance refers to results of a computation to determine whether a certain event is due to chance.

What is the statistical Significance of three in religion?

It represents unity.

F-test is less than 1?

There is no statistical significance in the result.

What is the difference between clinical significance and statistical significance?

look for a paper being published in "The Oncologist" later this year (2008)

What does statistical significance refer to?

Statistical significance refers to when a statistical assessment of observations reveals a pattern rather than random chance. In simpler terms it means when well observing or recording a set of data you recognize that somethings happens all or most of the time rather than by random.

What is a Alpha Value?

The level of significance; that is the probability that a statistical test will give a false positive error.

To decide whether observed differences between samples reflect actual differences between?

statistical significance

Why are econometric models used?

An econometric model is a way of determining the strength and statistical significance of a hypothesized relationship.

Is statistical significance below or above 0.05?

If the outcome is below or equal to 0.05, then it is statistically significant; above is not.

How is z score and p value related?

The z-score is a statistical test of significance to help you determine if you should accept or reject the null-hypothesis; whereas the p-value gives you the probability that you were wrong to reject the null-hypothesis. (The null-hypothesis proposes that NO statistical significance exists in a set of observations).

What is the difference between statistical significance versus practical significance?

Statistical significance means that you are sure that the statistic is reliable. It is very possible that whatever you conclusion or finding is, it may not be important or it not have any decision-making utility. For example, my diet program has a 1 oz weight loss per month and I can show that is statistically significant. Do you really want a diet like that? It is not practically significant

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