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The square root of a negative number cannot be expressed with integers. The square root of a negative number is always imaginary.

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Q: What is te square root of -120 to the nearest integers?
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Is 120 a perfect square?

No, it is not. For it to be a perfect square, the square root of it would have to be an integer, but √120 ≈ 10.954. 100 and 121 are perfect squares nearest to 120. ■

What is the length ef in the right triangle below?

Square root of 217 for apex

What is the square root of -120?

The square root of -120 is: 10.954451 i

What is the square root of 14400?

120The answer is 120.

Which is less 11 or square root 120?


What is the tan of 120 in fraction form?

The answer, assuming that 120 is degrees and not radian is -square root of 3.

What is the geometric mean of 6 and 20?

square root of (6 x 20) = square root of (120) = 10.95

What is the square root of 120 simplified?


What is the approximate square root of -120?


What is the square root of 120 divided by the square root of 10?


What is the answer to 4 square root 25 x square root 120?

To solve this problem, you must first solve the smaller problems. The square root of 25 is 5, and the square root of 120 is 10.95. First solve the equation on the left side of the multiplication sign, which is 4 x 5. Now, multiple the answer of 20 by 10.95, which is 219.

Is the square root of 120 is rational or irrational?


Is the square root of 120 rational or irrational?

It is an irrational number

What is 119 rounded of to the nearest ten?

It is 120 when rounded to the nearest ten

What is the method of working out the square root 120?

One way is trial and error. The square root of 121 is 11. So the square root of 120 is just under that. 10.9 squared is 118.81 10.95 squared is 119.9. 10.954 squared is 119.99 which is close enough for me.

What peak reverse voltage is needed on a bridge rectifier at 120 ac input?

120 * square root of 2

What is the square root of 2 acres?

An acre is 43, 560 square feet, so 2 acres is 87, 120 square feet, which has a square root of about 295.16 feet. So, the answer is 295.16 feet.

What does 115 round up to the nearest ten?

115 rounded to the nearest ten is 120

What is 122 rounded to the nearest 10?

Rounded to the nearest ten it is 120.

If the sum of three consecutive even integers is 360 what are the integers?

The average must be 360/3 ie 120 so the integers are 118, 120 and 122.

What is the sign of the trigonometric function for the angle 120 degrees?

it is the square root of 3 divided by 2

The mural is a square with an area of 14400 ft squared what is the width of the mural?

The area of a square is equal to the length of one side squared, or the length of one side, times itself. So determine the width (the length of one side), you have to find the square root of the area (14400). The square root of 14400 ft is 120 ft. Thus, the width is 120 ft.

What is the square root of 120 in radical form?

√120 = √4√30 = 2√30

What is the square root of 120?

10.95445Square Root of 120The square root of 120 is 10.954, but it is easier to say "square root of 120." You could also reduce itSQRT(120) = SQRT(12) * SQRT(10) = [SQRT(4)*SQRT(3)] * [SQRT(5) * SQRT(2)] =2 * SQRT(3) * SQRT(5) * SQRT(2)It is common to reduce large numbers under the radical to a string of factors having prime numbers under the radicals.

What two integers is 77 between?

Which two integers is the irrational number โˆš77 between?