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What is ten and six sevens minus five?

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it is

6x7 10 + = 52 52-5 = 47



how 6x7 = 42 then add 10 = 52 the - 5 = 47

so where did you get 42 from ??

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What is ten minus five?


Do fifty six and three eights minus ten and five sixths?

45.541667 or 45 and 13/24

What is six minus ten?


What is negative five minus ten?


What is seventeen minus ten and five sixths?

seventeen minus ten and five sixths:is 17- 10 5/6= 6 1/6

What is the answer of negative ten minus negative six?


What is five eighths minus ten?

negetive four

How do you write out Six times a number minus five is less than twice the number plus ten?

6x -5 < 2x +10

What is the answer for the quantity six squared plus three times ten point five end quantity minus eight point two?


What is five point six times ten?

Five point six times ten is fifty-six. 5.6 x 10 = 56

What is negative five sevenths minus five sevenths?

negative ten sevenths

What is ten minus six?

16 ================================= 10-6=4

What is ten twelfths minus one third?

six twelfths

How do you write 10.00506 in word?

ten and five hundred six hundred-thousandths

What is seven tens minus one ten?

Seven tens minus one ten(70-10) equals six tens(60).

What number over five minus negative ten equals six?

X/[5 - (-10)] = 6 x/-15 = 6 x = - 90

Five squared minus ten equals x?


What is Ten minus five equals?

10 - 5 = 5

What is six minus negative four?

Six minus negative four is positive ten, because subtracting a negative is the same as adding a positive.

What is thirteen and ten seventeenths minus five and five sevenths?

937 ----- or 7.87394958 119

What is the fractional part of two-fifths of five sevens?

two fifths of five sevenths is ten thirty fifths. Multiply the numerator and the denominators.

Five is to ten as six is to?

Your answer is: Twelve !

What is the value of ten sevens?


What is five sixths minus five twelfths?

10/12 - 5/12 = 5/12Five sixths is ten twelfths. So ten twelfths subtract five twelfths is five twelfths.If you mean 5/6 minus 5/12 then it is the same as 10/12 minus 5/12 = 5/12

What is 4.5675 written in words?

Four and five thousand six hundred seventy-five ten thousandths