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To start with, you can set aside the fractions, and realize that you're dealing with whole numbers as well. 10 minus 4 is 6. So your new question is, what is six and two thirds minus three fourths. Now, let's get rid of the improper fraction. 6 x 3 = 18 18 + 2 = 20 Your new question is what is twenty thirds minus three fourths: 20/3 - 3/4 The lowest common denominator of thirds and fourths is 12. So, 20/3 x 4/4 = 80/12 3/4 x 3/3 = 9/12 So now we have eighty twelfths minus nine twelfths: 80/12 - 9/12 = 71/12 Simplifying this gives us 5 and 11/12ths.

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Q: What is ten and two thirds minus 4 and three fourths?
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What is ten and a half minus two and three foruths?

It is seven and three fourths.

What is the rule pattern for 1 10 7 70 67 670?

Times ten, minus three, times ten, minus three

What is 4 feet ten and a half inches minus 2 and three fourths inches?

4 Feet 7 and 3/4 in.

What is three fourths divided by ten fourths?

0.3 or three tenths

What is ten eleventh minus two thirds?


What is ten thirds minus one?

2 and 1/3

What is ten minus two and one third?

7 and 2 thirds

What is ten minus four and two thirds?

five and one third . Is this for homework?

What is ten thirds of nine?

one third of nine is three, therefore:-ten thirds of nine = three times ten which is thirty.

What is two thirds parenthesis a minus six equals negative ten?

its a math problem

What is an improper fraction for ten thirds?

Ten thirds is an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it would be three and one-third.

Which is greater 0.6 or two thirds?

two thirds is greater because 0.6=three fifths so three fifths and two thirds could be simplified into nine fifteenths and two thirds could be simplified into ten fifteenths so ten is greater than nine so it is two thirds.

What is ten and three fourths plus three and three fourths?

10 and 3/4 plus 3 and 3/4 = 14 and 1/2 or 14.5

What is three elevenths minus ten elevenths?

Three of anything minus ten of the same thing leaves negative seven of them.

What is three-fourths times ten?


What times 30 equals 100?

30X = 100 X = 100/30 X = 10/3 the answer is ten thirds, or ten divided by three.

What is 2 and a half minus 1 and 2 thirds?

You have to convert your fractions so that they are all the same. In this case, we can use sixths. So two and three sixths (two and a half), minus one and four sixths (one and two thirds), would equal five sixths. Another way to do it is to convert the whole numbers to sixths as well. Fifteen sixths minus ten sixths equals five sixths.

What is three fourths of ten?

7.5 That is, seven and a half.

What is ten minus three and three eights?

6 and 5/8.

What is six and two thirds minus ten?

6and 2/3 -10 6.6666667-10 just use a calculator

What is ten and twenty-three sixty-fourths?

10 and 23/64 = 10.359375

What does three fourths times ten thirteenths?

30/52 or 15/26

What is ten wholes divided by three fifths?

Ten wholes is ten - period. Three fifths is 60% or .60. Ten divided by .60 is 16.666, or more familiarly, sixteen and two thirds.

What is Ten sevenths minus three fifths?

10/7 minus 3/5 = 29/35

What is negative ten minus negative seven?

Negative three.