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Q: What is ten point two divided by point six?
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What is the answer to ten more than the sum of four and six divided by two?


What is thirty-two times point two equal?

The easiest way to do this question is not to think of it as multiplying by 0.2, but by multiplying it by two and then dividing it by ten. Thirty-two times two equals sixty-four, and sixty-four divided by ten equals six-point-four.

What is eight point six divided by two?


What is the word form of 2.96?

2.96 in word form is 'Two point nine six'. NOT 'two point ninety six'. Reason. The nine is a tenth not a multiple of ten. and six is a hundredth, not a unit.

How do you write 210226.48?

Two hundred and ten thousand two hundred and twenty six point four eight.

What is four times ten to the negative eighth times two point four times ten to the third divided by three times ten to the negative seventh?

Four times 10 -8 times two point four times 10^3 divided by three times 10 -7 is equal to -63,967

What is the word form of 0.6294?

Wrong! The correct answer is: six thousand, two hundred ninety-four ten-thousandths.

What is 510.642 in word form?

Just name each of the numbers as you usually would, then say "point" for the decimal, and read out each of the numbers beyond that, left to right.510 is "five hundred and ten", the decimal is "point", then "six four two". So: "five hundred and ten point six four two".

What is the answer for the quantity six squared plus three times ten point five end quantity minus eight point two?


How do you read this 72.7613 in decimal point?

Sevety two and seven thousand six hundred thirteen ten thousandths.

What is 4.2562 in word form?

"Four point two five six two". Four and two thousand five hundred sixty-two ten thousandths

What is ten divided by two?