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Q: What is the 1980's educational kids Math show?
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Is pbs kids educational?

yes pbs kids is educational the show Between the Lions helps kids want to read books

Is wordgirl for kids?

Yes. It is an educational show meant for children.

What is the kids show with Addison who was an addition sign?

The Show Is Called : Math Monsters

Is the TV show discovery kids educational?

Yes as it has many different programs on different topics showing and teaching kids various things around the world

What is bob the builder famous for?

Bob the builder is famous for being a builder that teaches kids on an educational T.V show. - Victoria

Where can one find educational videos about playing guitar for kids?

One can find educational videos about guitar at KidsGuitarLessons website. They show videos on learning how to play guitar and it plays guitar for you.

What role is Rahsaan Patterson best known for?

Rahsaan Patterson is an American singer and actor. He is most known for playing the kid in the popular television show, Kids Incorporated, in the 1980s.

What type of television series is Liberty's Kids?

Liberty's Kids is an educational television show for children. The aim of this series is to teach children about the history of the formation of the United States. The forty episodes of the show span the period of time from the Boston Tea Party to the Constitutional Convention.

For the most part the writers and who have stayed unchanged since the 1980s?

The core writing team on the show has remained consistent with writers who have been with the program since the 1980s.

What is ponkickies?

Ponkickies is a television program in Japan that features a variety of educational and entertaining content for children. It has been running since 1981 and is known for its catchy songs, colorful characters, and engaging stories.

Should television be more educational?

Some television shows and presentations educate people about the news, animals, science, history, and other topics. For example the Science Channel, PBS, ABC News, and other sources can educate people.

Who sang Believe in Me at the Emmy awards?

The song was featured on the 1982 album "Kids From Fame" where it was sung by the cast of the hit show. It was not sung at the Emmys as at the time best song nominees were not broadcast in that way in the 1980s.