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Q: What is the 1980's educational kids Math show?
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What percent of kids channels show educational shows?

Over 90% are educational in the sense that they teach kids something (how to make friends, be a good person, how to be responsible, etc). As for educational in the sense that they are learning things they would in school, such as math and reading? Many shows try to slip math skills into their programs at some point, but overall it is less than 10%

Is pbs kids educational?

yes pbs kids is educational the show Between the Lions helps kids want to read books

Is wordgirl for kids?

Yes. It is an educational show meant for children.

What is the kids show with Addison who was an addition sign?

The Show Is Called : Math Monsters

What show is the best for kids?

Sesame Street is both educational and entertaining.

What is ponkickies?

ponkickies is a kiddie japanese show with some segments, and songs. its a good educational show for little kids.

Is the TV show discovery kids educational?

Yes as it has many different programs on different topics showing and teaching kids various things around the world

Where can one find educational videos about playing guitar for kids?

One can find educational videos about guitar at KidsGuitarLessons website. They show videos on learning how to play guitar and it plays guitar for you.

What is bob the builder famous for?

Bob the builder is famous for being a builder that teaches kids on an educational T.V show. - Victoria

How do you think television could be used for educational purposes?

Even though most TV shows out there are made for entertainment purposes, there are some TV shows out there that can be very educational. Some local TV stations have educational programming, for example, a mathematics show which can help people better understand math. Sometimes, you can use an ordinary TV show to help show "real world" examples for certain kinds of problems.

Whats the name of a television show in the early 90s a man and woman detective you think one was named Wednesday or Tuesday and the tornado thing that did math?

It was called Square One, and it was an educational show on PBS.

What is a good example of a educational show?

A good example of a educational show is modern marvels.

What role is Rahsaan Patterson best known for?

Rahsaan Patterson is an American singer and actor. He is most known for playing the kid in the popular television show, Kids Incorporated, in the 1980s.

What educational benefits are offered by free online math games?

Free online math games can go a long way to help a child struggling with math by introducing concepts in a way that is fun and hold their interest. Sometimes they show a child different ways of applying math skills that are engaging and make a child more interested in math once they see it has fun and interesting uses.

What type of television series is Liberty's Kids?

Liberty's Kids is an educational television show for children. The aim of this series is to teach children about the history of the formation of the United States. The forty episodes of the show span the period of time from the Boston Tea Party to the Constitutional Convention.

What is unreasonable mean in math?

It means the same in math as it means else where--it means not reasonable. If you show mathematical steps that are not reasonable to solve a math problem or show a math proof, then your math is unreasonable.

if i was doing a math problem and their were 5 kids at the bus stop. ten more show up. how many kids are at the bus stop if I added 15 more?

So to clarify, there's 5 kids at the bus stop. 10 more show up, so add 10 to 5 which is 15. If you added 15 more kids, there would be 30 kids at the bus stop since 15 + 15 = 30.

Who sang Believe in Me at the Emmy awards?

The song was featured on the 1982 album "Kids From Fame" where it was sung by the cast of the hit show. It was not sung at the Emmys as at the time best song nominees were not broadcast in that way in the 1980s.

Did Danny Bonaduce have a TV talk show in the 1980s?


For the most part the writers and who have stayed unchanged since the 1980s?

the writers and producers of the show have stayed unchanged since the 1980s on The Young and Restless

When should you stop watching Barney the dinosaur?

Barney the dinosaur is very educational show that really help kids to familiarize numbers, letters, shapes, songs and many more. I think kids will stop watching barney at elementary grades.

What to call a math talk show?

Math Talk

Which TV show was hosted in the late 1980s by Jeff Banks?

Jeff Banks hosted a British TV show in the 1980s called the clothes show, he also was a host on Breakfast Time with Selina Scott prier to being the host on The Clothes show. He did not start out as the main host of the Clothes show but after Selina left he was given the spotlight.

What is Dora The Explorer?

It's a Nick Jr. show about a girl who teaches Spanish through exploring with her friend Boots, a monkey. Dora the Explorer is an educational children's show that teaches kids how to count, solve problems, etc.

What is the tv show called about a boy who is an alien but looks human i think it was made in the 90s it may be an educational series i think the boys name is zoltan or something similar can you help?

The name of the television show where a boy is an alien, but looks human is 'Bop'. This was supposed to be a kids' educational program, but it was cancelled due to the story line. A boy was actually being bullied in the story.