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Q: What is the translated in binary code?
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Is binary code the source code?

No. In short, binary code is the code your computer executes, it can be in many forms, ranging from bytecode, which must be interpreted, but is pre-compiled to machine code, which is directly run by the system, and is generally specific to a particular system. Source code is the code of the program, as written by the programmer. It is written in a language that can be translated into instructions understood by computers. Most of the times, binary code is not easily human readable whereas source code is.

What is the binary code for 01001011?

That IS the binary code.

What is a command interpretation?

The CPU needs to understand a command keyed in by a user. The CPU can interpret only binary code, i.e. the code containing 0's and 1's. A command keyed in by user has to be translated to binary code for the CPU to understand it. An operating system performs this task.

What is -33 in binary code?

00100001 is the binary code for 33

What is the binary code for 53?

00110101 is the binary code for 53

Who discovered binary code?

Jamesgates discovered binary code instringtheory

How do you convert binary code to text code and text to binary?

You can are ASCII-tabellen. For converting binary to text

What is 1 or 0 used in computer data is called?

The "1's and 0's" are referred to as binary. Binary is actually the only language a computer can understand. Everything else has to be translated to binary for it to understand it. 1 is conidered closed and 0 is open.

When was The Binary Code - band - created?

The Binary Code - band - was created in 2004.

What is the vhdl code for binary to hex convertion?

vhdl code for binary to Hexadecimal ?

What is sixteen in the Binary code system?

Sixteen in the Binary code system is (1000)2

What is 100010110010110100 translated from binary?

100010110010110100 = 142516 (decimal)