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5 OR -5 (though 5 is generally the accepted answer)

25 to the half power is the same as radical(25).

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Q: What is the 25 to the half power?
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What 25 to the power of a half?

Something to the power of 1/2 is the same as the square root of a number so 25 to the power of a 1/2 = the square root of 25 = 5

What a half of 25?

Half of 25 is 12.5

What is one half of 50?

one half of 50 is 25 because 25+25=50

Is .12 mile half of a .25 of a mile?

No. .125 is half of .25

Can 25 be divided in half?

Yes, one half of 25 is 12.5

What percent is half of 25 percent?

Half of 25 percent is 12.5 percent.

Why do all the elements operate on a stove at half power?

Chances are that the elements have gotten old and the deterioration has caused it to heat up only to half power. New elements will run you around $25 each. (Depending on stove)

What is 50 percent of 25?

it is practiclly like you are saying what is the HALF of 25. And the half of 25 is 12.5

What is half of the number 25?

12.5 is half of the number 25.

What is the ISBN of The Power of Half?

The ISBN of The Power of Half is 0547394543.

What percentage is half of a half?

A half is 50% so half of 50% is 25%.

When was Half a Mill born?

Half a Mill was born on January 25, 1973

Does 25 to the power of 10 times 25 to the power of 100 equal 25 to the power of 1000?

No. It is 2510+100 = 25110

What is half of 21 over 25?

Half of (21 over 25) = 1/2 * 21/25 = 21/50 = 0.42

What is X to the power of a half times x to the power of a half?


When was The Power of Half created?

The Power of Half was created in 2010-02.

How many pages does The Power of Half have?

The Power of Half has 256 pages.

Is twenty two over twenty five greater than one half?

Half of 25 is 12.5 so 12.5/25 would equal a half, so 22/25 must be greater than one half.

What is half of .25?


Is 26 half of 52?

25 is half of 52

What fraction is half of one half of decimals?


What is 25 to the sixth power?

25 to the sixth power equates to 244,140,625

How much is a half of a half?

Half would be 50% of something. So half of half would be 25% of something.

What is the half number of 25 and 45?


What is 25 to the power of 1?

25^1 = 25