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Q: What is the 2 sided p value associated with a z score of 1.54?
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How would you express 154 in terms of score 20 years?

Seven score and fourteen years.

Have 154 question test I missed 21 what's my score?


By a score of 154 to 124 who appeared in more episodes of Cheers?

Kirsty Alley

In three bowling games Miguel scores 129 133 and 154 What score will Miguel need in a fourth game in order to have an average score of 165 for all four games?

To average 165 for 4 games, Miguel needs a total of 660 pins. In the first three games, Miguel scored 129+133+154 = 416, so he needs to score 660-416 = 244 in the last game.

Is an IQ of154 good for an 11 year old?

The a persons IQ value will not change with age so your IQ at 11 and your IQ at 111 would be the same. That being said, the average IQ is 100, so a score of 154 is extraordinary.

Write and solve an equation to find the value of the variable 104 137 154 x mean 130?

An equation to find the value of the variable 104, 137, 154 and x with a mean of 130 is: (104 + 137 + 154 + x)/4 = 130 395 + x = 130 * 4 x = 145.

What is the value of a Clyde Drexler 1990 fleer 154?

Less than 25 cents.

Have you ever taken an IQ test if so how old were you at the time and what did you get for it?

I was 13 when i did one and got 149 for itI was 17 the first time with a score of 154

What is a 154 sided shape called?

If you wish to communicate information, I suggest you call it an 154-gon. Although there is a prefix for 154 I suggest you keep it simple. Not only is the use of long Greek prefices pretentious, you will only annoy the reader who will probably have to consult a dictionary. Having said that, if you do want to be pretentious or obfuscate, you can use the link below for polygons with up to 999 sides.

What is equivalent to 154?

154 is equivalent to 154.0 or 154/1

What 154 of 83?

154 of 83 = 154 * 83 = 12782

What is 154 as a percent?