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It is a right angled isosceles triangle.

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Q: What is the 45 45 90 triangle?
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Related questions

What is the about statement about a 45-45-90 triangle?

A triangle with a 90 and two 45 degree angles is an isosceles right angle triangle.

What is a triangle that has angles that measures 45 45 90 degrees?

It is an isosceles triangle. 45 + 45 + 90 = 180 degrees

What is the 45 45 90 triangle theorem?

The formula for a 45-45-90 triangle is that both of the legs are n. The hypotenuse is n√2

Is a triangle with two congruent angles always a 45-45-90 triangle?

No because an isosceles triangle has various two congruent angles. A 45-45-90 triangle is technically an isosceles triangle.

Is an isosceles right triangle always a 45 45 90 triangle?


A triangle that has 45 45 90 degrees is a n?

Left triangle.

How do you solve a 45 45 90 triangle?

If its angles are 45, 45 and 90 degrees then it is an isosceles right angle triangle and its properties can be worked out using Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry

Is an isosceles triangle always 45-45-90?

No. The only requirement for a triangle to be a 45-45-90 triangle is for it to have at least two congruent sides/angles. The measure of the two congruent angles can be anything.

A triangle with two sides congruent?

A 90, 45 and 45 degree triangle

A triangle that has angles that measure 45 45 90 degrees?

That is a icocsles triangle.

An isosceles right triangle is always a 45-45-90 triangle?


Is an isosceles right triangle always a 45-45-90 triangle?

yes it is

Is an isosceles right triangle always 45-45-90 triangle?


If 1 angle of a triangle is 90 degrees how do you work out the other 2?

the other 2 angles are 45 each... its a 90, 45, 45 triangle

What are some types of triangles by degrees?

special triangles: 45-45-90 triangle and 30-60-90 triangle

Can a right triangle be a isosceles triangle?

Yes, absolutely. It would be a 45-45-90 degree triangle.

A triangle that has angles that measure 45 45 90 degrees is an?

A right triangle. Also an isosceles triangle.

What do you know in a 45-45-90 triangle?

In a 45-45-90 triangle, both legs are congruent and the length of the hypotenuse is square root of 2 times the length of the leg.

Does a right-angled triangle have any symmetery?

If it is a 45-45-90 triangle, it will have symmetry from the 90 degree angle to the midpoint of the hypotenuse.

Can a right triangle have two angles that measure?

Yes in a 90 45 45 triangle

A triangle that mesures 45 45 90 degrees is?

An isosceles right-angled triangle

What is a right isosolies triangle?

A triangle that has interior angles of 45, 45 and 90 degrees

Is an isoseles triangle a right triangle?

It can be if the interior angles are 45, 45 and 90 degrees

What does a triangle look like with the angles of 45 45 and 90?

it is a right angle triangle

What are two special properties of a 45-45-90 triangle?

It is a right angle triangle and it is also an isosceles triangle