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American Teaching Systems A: Certification B: Break Down of Skills required. * A progression of adoption from beginner to Expert. * Skill components include Balance, Rotary movement for "Wedge" and ""Christie" turns, Edge Control for Parallel turns and Presure movements for Dynamic Parallel turning. C: Ability Rating for Snowboard and Alpine Skiing. Skiing: # New to the sport of skiing; # Ability to ski in a gliding/braking wedge stance on easiest terrain, # Skis confidently with linked wedge turns and wedge-christie on intermediate trails. Can ride the chairlift alone. # Ability to match skis parallel and skid to finish turns, edging and pressure control movements. # Controlled turns on steeper terrain, knowledge of pole swing and placement. # Parallel turns with good pole use and an open stance. Ability to ski varied terrain and snow conditions. # Beginning carving, pre-freestyle, comfortable in bumps.

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The American Teaching System (ATS) is a curriculum developed and promoted by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) . The curriculum began with immigrating Swiss, Austrian, and French instructors in the 1930s and has been evolving ever since. The ATS β€œCenterline” method blends turning, edging, and pressuring skills to build competent, versatile skiers . Most certified instructors in the U.S. have passed exams in the ATS . The ATS has as many as 10 class levels, which are consistent nationwide. If you take a Level 6 lesson in Stowe, Vt., the following week you can request a Level 7 at Steamboat, Colo., and pick up exactly where you left off

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The American Teaching System for snowboard is called the Snowboard Teaching System (STS). The STS includes teaching, riding, and service concepts. STS is student centered meaning we are there teaching for the student, and we must focus on the students goals.

Each part of STS builds upon the others and when used together forms a learning pathway focused for each individual student.

* Teaching concepts are how we explain how we present and explain information to students. * Riding concepts let us understand how we move on a snowboard and how it performs from those movements. * Service concepts help us put together an effective lesson making the students feel comfortable, keep them calm, and to get them to participate in more lessons.

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Q: What is the American Teaching System for skiing?
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