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flow t prime numberchar

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Q: What is the C programming of check the prime number with flow chart?
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Draw a flow chart to check whether a given number is prime or not?

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Is the number 199 prime or composite?

The number 199 is a prime number. See the related link for a prime chart..

How do you draw a prime number chart?

On a chart with 1-100, highlight or color the boxes of numbers that are prime.

What are the prime number on a hundreds chart?


Why is the 2 on the prime and composite chart special?

No even number greater than 2 is a prime number.

How do you know 2 is a even prime number?

look it up on a prime chart not composite

What number in the hundreds chart is not prime nor composite?


Is the number 1663561 a prime number?

No, it is not. You can check on

Is 31 a prime?

Yes, 31 is a prime number. If you Google "Prime Numbers", you can see a chart of all the prime numbers.

Draw a flow chart of prime number check between 1 to 20?

1. If number < 2 then not prime - end2. If number == 2 then prime - end3. If number divisible by 2 then not prime - end4. If number divisible by 3 then not prime - end5. If number divisible by 5 then not prime6. end (It is not necessary to get any more complicated than this because you only need to check divisibility up to the square root of the number in question, and you only asked about numbers up to 20.)

A chart of prime numbers?

There is an infinite number of them, so of course there is no chart with all of them. If you google prime number, you can find list of the first 1000 or even 10000 primes. That should do it, I think

Is 4343 a prime number?

No its not a prime number Check out related links

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