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The washing machine has a volume of approximately 2.91 cubic feet.

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Q: What is the Cubic feet of a 20 inch diameter x16 inch deep washing machine?
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How many cubic feet in a round hole 12 inches diameter and 54 inches deep?

A round hole 12" in diameter and 54" deep has a volume of about 3.5 cubic feet.

What brand is the best washing machine?

If you are talking about the washing machine brand then Samsung is good brand in washing machines because i have personal experience of Samsung top loading washing machine. It has lots of features like deep soaking, deep cleaning, stain dissolving and many more.....I am fully satisfied with this.

Standard washing machine size?

The standard north American washing machine is 25 inch deep , 27-28 wide and 36 high.

How many cubic feet in a round hole 12 inches diameter and 30 inches deep?

1.963 cubic feet

How many cubic yards are in a cylinder 30 ft in diameter and 6 inches deep?

13.1 cubic yards, approx.

How many cubic yards of concrete will be needed for a hole that is 4 feet in diameter and 9 feet deep?

4.186 cubic yards

How much dirt to fill a round hole 18 feet in diameter and 18 inches deep?

cylinder 18 feet diameter x 1.5 feet deep volume = 381 cubic feet

How many cubic feet in a circle six feet in diameter by three inches deep?

I got 56.54 cu. ft.

How many cubic feet of dirt is in a hole if you dig a hole 16ft diameter 8ft deep?

No dirt because its a hole

How much dirt is in a hole that is 5ft deep with a diameter of 5 ft?

There is 98.17477042 cubic feet of dirt in a 5 foot deep hole that is 5 foot across.

How many cubic feet in a 26 foot diameter circle at 0 inches deep?

Without depth, the circle is a flat figure without volume ... zero cubic units.

How many cubic meters in 30cm deep by 50 cm diameter?

If I assume we're talking about a cylinder, its volume is:Volume=Height x Diameter x Diameter x Pi /4where Pi=3.1416Here, Volume=0.3x0.5x0.5x3.1416/4=0.0589 cubic meters (58.9 liters)

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