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In short, stated rate does not include interest income made by (usually) monthly compounding of interest income. This means that if you multiply your initial investment by APY, you will get exactly the amount you will have after one year, provided you did not add or withdraw any funds. If you multiply your initial investment by Stated Rate you will get amount lower that what you would be able to withdraw after twelve months.

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Q: What is the Difference between stated and APY rates?
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What are the checking account interest rates?

The interest rates on checking accounts vary depending on the bank who issues them. At the present time, the interest rates can range from 0.20% APY to 0.93% APY, depending on which bank you choose.

Where can you find a few of the best money market rates available?

Currently, here are some of the top highest rates for money market accounts: Capital One (1.10% APY); Ally (1.04% APY); Discover (1.15% APY); and Flagstar Direct (1.11% APY). Some of these may have minimum deposit and/or minimum balance requirements. Also keep in mind that bank rates can and do change often.

What are the lowest cd interest rates in the country right now?

Right now one of the lowest rates in 0.50 APY.

What are the current money market accounts rates?

The rates are pretty awful. According to, rates range from 0.8% - 1.1% APY depending on how much is in your account.

Which banks pay the highest cd rates in Georgia?

Montgomery Bank & Trust seems to have the best CD rates in Georgia with a 2.28% APY.

CD rates at charter one bank-rolling meadows, IL?

3.9497% APY is one they offer

Where might one find top money market rates?

Ally Bank, Capital One, and EverBank offer some of the highest-yielding money market account options (between .75%-.86% APY). SmartyPig is a similar type of account, allowing users to earn 1% APY.

what bank pays the highest interest rates in the country for mm savings?

The highest interest rates in the country are given by Everbank. They offer a 2.51 apy on 50k+.

What are the rates for a saving account from Chase?

Under $10,000 has an APY of 0.10% but the more you put in the higher the rate goes.

What is the current cd interest rate?

Your actual interest rate will depend on the amount of your deposit and the length of time you choose to keep it deposited. is a great source for finding current CD rates from multiple banks. You'll find current rates run from .50% APY to 2.20 APY.

Which internet savings accounts offer the highest interest rates right now?

At the moment, ING savings accounts offer the highest interest rates for online customers. To follow online banking rates, visit Bank of the Internet currently has the top 2 savings accounts with the highest APY's at 1.5%. Capital One Direct is in 3rd with an APY of 1.45.

What is the difference between interest rate and APY when you are shopping for a certificate of deposit?

APR simply reflects the annual interest rate that is paid on an investment, but doesnÕt take into effect how interest is applied. APY takes into account how often the interest is applied to the balance, which can vary daily to annually.